Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA


TECHFOOD EU-ASIA aims at fostering technological and business collaboration among Small and Medium-sized enterprises from EU Countries (Italy, Hungary and Slovenia) and Asian Countries (China, Mongolia and Vietnam) in the Field of Food Processing and Food Packaging Technologies.

Main Objectives

The project TECHFOOD EU-ASIA is designed to:

  • strengthen mutual trade and investment flows between the regions and foster the development of the target sector in project partner countries by establishing of new business cooperation initiative and know-how transfer;
  • improve the competitiveness of SMEs, with particular attention to the foodstuff products’ quality and security management;
  • establish networking and co-operation links among sectoral associations and public institutions in EU and Asian project partner countries, in order to exchange best practices, develop common strategies, promote joint initiatives.

Main Actions

Phase 1. Preparatory activities

  • Realisation of a Market Survey of the target sector in each project partner countries;
  • Dissemination of a project’s SMEs catalogue of selected companies from the target sectors;
  • Identification and selection of SMEs from target sector in all project partner counties.

Phase 2. Matchmaking activities

  • Scheduling of bilateral meeting between European an Asian companies;
  • Organization of two big matchmaking events, in Italy and China;
  • Organization of two workshop related to the target sector.

Phase 3. Follow up actions

  • Advisory services on demand for European and Asian small and medium-size enterprises;
  • Dissemination of Project Final Results.


  • China Council for the Promotion of International Trade - China
  • Consorzio Sviluppo e Impresa - Italy
  • Innovation Association Kopernikuz - Hungary
  • University of Primorska / Science and Research Centre of Koper - Slovenia
  • Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Mongolia
  • Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology - Vietnam


  • CERMET Certification and quality research company - Italy -
  • Confagricoltura Veneto - Italy -
  • Shaanxi Food Association - China
  • Ministry of Economy - Slovenian Intellectual Property Office - Slovenia -
  • Hungarian Association of Packaging and Materials Handling - Hungary


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Asian partners:

European partners: