Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA


The project is focused on the organisation of two large two-day events, one in Italy and another in China. Each event will focus the target sector, food processing technologies and food packaging and will deal with specific issues relevant to the Asian European integration: food safety standards and intellectual property rights.

Each partnership event will be introduced by an intensive and qualified promotional activity which will include the organisation of press conferences, the publication of promotional leaflets and catalogues, economic animation activities at local and international level.

Each event will include:

  • one plenary conference;
  • one thematic workshop on in-depth issues for the target sectors and Asia – EU integration;
  • a business-to-business meetings between 150 SMEs representatives from six countries;
  • a permanent help desk area with participation of all project partners will be organised. It will give all necessary support to the participants from organisational point of view and technical assistance during matchmakings.

Place Number of SMEs for matchmaking Thematic workshop Period  
Parma (Italy) 150 Intelectual property rights 18-20 March  2008 Programme
Xi’an (China) 150 Food safety 14-16 October 2008 Programme

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