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Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA



How it works

The event will take place over two days:

  • ½ day plenary session presenting the target sector and co-operation opportunities offered by target markets – specific workshops on the thematic “Intellectual property rights”;
  • 1 ½ days of one-to-one business meetings between 100 EU companies – Italy, Hungary and Slovenia - and 50 Asian companies - Mongolia, Vietnam and China -, according to a prefixed agenda. Free interpreter services during the meetings is provided.

For the Italian matchmaking event it is foreseen to visit local SMEs.


How to register

The most suitable European partners will be selected from the applying companies on the basis of the specific Asian profile received.

Italian companies interesting in participating are requested to registered by filling the company profile, to be send to Informest – Alternatively you can register by fax just download the company profile module, complete it and sent it back to us. Your profile will appear on line and will be also published in the printed version of the project catalogue.

Companies from the other EU countries partners of project are requested to contact their National Organizing Secretariat – contact points.


Final results

  • SMEs catalogue
    All companies participating at the Parma event are collected in a catalogue freely accessible on-line and downloadable.
  • Evaluation results
    The outcomes of Parma partnership event were evaluated on short and mid-term basis, in order to check the degree of satisfaction of the participants and to evaluate the impact of the initiative in a middle-term perspective.
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