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INFORMEST Service and Documentation Centre for International Economic Co-operation

INFORMEST is a Service and Documentation Centre for International Economic Co-operation, established by the Italian Act No. 19/91 and legally constituted by the Regions Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto and the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE). It has a geographical specialisation in Candidate Countries, Balkan Countries, NIS, China, Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam and it aims at developing economic co-operation between Italian enterprises and economic operators and their counterparts in the Eastern Countries through the provision of a wide range of specialised and integrated services, such as: assistance and consulting, development projects, information services.

Asian Partners

CCPIT - China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CHINA)

CCPIT is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China. The aims of the CCPIT are to operate and promote foreign trade, to use foreign investment, to introduce advanced foreign technologies, to conduct activities of foreign economic and technological cooperation in various forms, to promote the development of economic and trade relations between China and other countries and regions around the world. The CCPIT promotes trade through its functions of information consultation, exhibition, legal assistance, etc.

VAFoST - Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology (VIETNAM)

VAFoST is a non- governmental, non-profit making organization with the voluntary participation of scientists, technologists, policy makers, entrepreneurs of different economic sectors in food science and technology and other sciences and technologies related to food science and technology. The Association’s objectives are to assemble and unite its members for the exchange of experiences, wide spreading of professional knowledge, enhancement of occupational capability, to make contributions for solving the problems in food domain as well as in agro-food industry, at the same time to make contributions to push up the country’s industrialization and modernization.

MNCCI - Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MONGOLIA)

MNCCI is the main business representative body of Mongolian business community engaging the most of companies, enterprises and trade organizations in its wide range of activities and services and protecting their common interests. The aims of MNCCI are to promote and develop the competitive private sector of Mongolia making it not only an engine of sustained growth but the main provider of economic activity, to make the Chamber a capable and influential organization protecting rights and common interest of the business community and putting for ward its proposals in the policymaking process by developing public-private sector dialogue & partnership, too be a leading organization in terms of providing overall economic and business assistance and services to the business community, to be pro-active member of international business community by participating in most effective way in ICC, CACCI and the other international institutions' activities.

European Partners

CSI - Consorzio Sviluppo e Impresa (ITALY)

CSI is an Export Consortium accredited by the Veneto Region, and qualified by the National Law n.83/89. The Consortium intends to favour the internationalization of the enterprises of the Veneto. It organizes entrepreneurial promotion projects (economic missions, workshops, seminars, conferences) and it realizes territorial development projects, mostly in the Eastern of Europe, Centre of America, South America and in the Mediterranean countries.


It is the association specialised in the promotion of innovation, R&D harmonisation, technology and know-how transfer aimed at stimulating Hungarian enterprises to update their productive processes and management methodologies and to apply innovative strategies. It will be supported by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency – EIC HU727, specialised in investment promotion, trade development, business services and marketing and communication services, which manages 10 regional offices all over Hungary and has a database of 40000 Hungarian SMEs.

UP SRC - University of Primorska /Science and Research Centre of Koper (SLOVENIA)

UP SRC - University of Primorska, Science and Research Centre of Koper operates on a distinctive interdisciplinary basis and lays emphasis also on the research of food quality and safety. These activities are implemented by one of its institutes, the Institute for Mediterranean Agriculture and Olive Growing (ISKO). As a host organisation the UP SRC has successfully obtained the Euro Info Centre SI753 Koper, whose tasks are (since the beginning of 2000) mainly to inform, help and provide consultancy to SMEs with the purpose to create favourable conditions for the development of SMEs. EIC SI753 Koper has been, with the support of the host structure, providing it services to companies from the food-technology field and on food safety as its regular activity and within specific projects (as the Look-East NET project).
EIC SI753 Koper covers three Slovenian statistical regions, where more than 15.800 companies operate in different sectors. As member of the Slovenian EIC network will be supported by the other two Slovenian EICs, in order to guarantee a wider coverage of the Slovenian territory.


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