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The well known and exceptionally rapid economic growth of China over the last 20 years, during which the official average annual growth rate is estimated to have been around 10% produced rising of incomes of the population and demands for specific food items such as meat incrases, while among the higher income bracket, greater demand develop for package and convenience foods. Statistic confirm that the food industry is already one of the most rapidly growing sectors in China’s economy.

Shaanxi province is situated at the centre of China. It is undeveloped province but one of largest producers of agro-food products in the country. The province is rich in fruit and milk resources. Fruit processing industry is one of the fields that the provincial government encourages to develop further. There were more than 1500 food enterprises at township area in Shaanxi (2000). Among these 746 were from food processing sector.

Shaanxi is introduced to the national policy of promoting the development of the inland areas of the country and to attract foreign investment. One of the main objectives of investment in Shaanxi, defined by provincial authorities, include the agricultural field – the dissemination and application of update food preservation and processing technologies and implementation of export – directed agro-food projects.

For further development of the sector Chinese central government decided to establish in Shaanxi region the first national agricultural high-tech model zone of the country with participation of the province and other concerned state ministries. It is situated in the Yangling District, 90 km from Xi’an and is one of favourable places for matchmaking event in Shaanxi. It will be organised by project’s Associate Shaanxi Food Association.


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