Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA


The EU partner countries involved in the project (Hungary, Italy, Slovenia) express similar needs within the context of cooperation with Asian area. Their economies are dominated by the presence of SMEs, which employ an average of 65% of the local manpower. The main industrial sectors (included highly developed food processing and packaging sector) produce critical mass in terms of industrial production and are mostly concentrated in industrial clusters, which produce a higher critical mass in terms of organisation and management.

All three EU countries involved in the project needs to expand their food processing and food packaging technologies production in the new markets and in this terms need to approach more concretely the considerable market potential of Asian countries (in our project proposal represented by China, Mongolia and Vietnam) that provides significant business and investment opportunities.

The identification of the project target sector, food processing and food packaging technologies, and it’s specific needs for cooperation was possible, thanks to a qualitative inputs that derived from the extensive contacts and interviews with business representative organisations (Chamber of commerce, regional administration industrial departments, consortia for industrial clusters, sectoral associations, groups of entrepreneurs), both in Europe and in Asian project partner countries, as well as from available sector analyses from published sources (Country Strategy Papers).

These preliminary enquiries were pivotal (i) to identify weaknesses and strengths of the partners regional economic systems, (ii) to raise the awareness of the relevant interlocutors for the proposed initiative, (iii) to set the bases for their involvement in the regional working groups to be established during the project implementation


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