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Vietnam is still in transition towards a market economy, with a considerable agenda of administrative, financial, and governance-related reforms to be implemented.

With the spectacular growth in agriculture production during recent years, the rural-based food processing industry has made remarkable achievements. GDP of agro-processing industry has a growth rate of 12-14 percent per annum and most of the major processed products have increased both in quantity and quality. The proportion of processing industry has increased, while improved technologies were introduced and underwent modernization, especially in the fields of rice milling, sugarcane, and confectionery. Product and packaging quality of many processed goods has improved and captured the domestic market. This constitutes undoubtedly a favourable surroundings for further engagement. In fact, additional commitment in the agro-food industry is necessary in order to promote and guarantee further modernisation considering that most of food processing industry in Vietnam is currently engaged in general processing and specialization is yet to be developed. Most units possess old equipment, outdated technologies compared to the region and the world, resulting in low efficiency, high cost of production lack of quality standards and hygiene.

However, positive effects are expected from recent liberalisation and structural reforms - permission to establish private enterprises have opened up opportunities for local and foreign investors and the agro-food processing industry has big potential because of its huge domestic market demands (with 80 million population), tourism, and the export potential of tropical foodstuffs.


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