Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA
Tech Food EU-ASIA


Target sector

The project focuses on three EU partner countries – Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and three Asian partner countries – China, Mongolia and Vietnam - where priority target sector Food Processing Technologies and Food Packaging has been selected according to the specific characteristics and needs of the regional economic systems and their potential to expand or to cooperate with foreign markets.

The project will involved the SMEs companies from following food processing and food packaging divisions:

  • Meat and products of meat;
  • Dairy;
  • Fruit and vegetable.

Target regions

A brief profile

The Market Survey

The Market Survey - carried out by experts - focuses on food processing sector in general with specific orientation on food technologies and food packaging for safe food products. Their aims is not only to give a view over the food processing sector, but also to identify projects partner strengths and weaknesses in the target sector in order to better planning the partnership events.

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Asian Countries


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