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Tech Food EU-ASIA


All the companies participating at the two events are inserted in the present SME Database, freely accessible on line, which allows to easily identify the company profiles by using specific search criteria:

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NameCountryEventMain ActivityType of partner researched 
PRC 0100- HUAFENG FOOD (XIANYANG) CO. LTD. ChinaChinaJin’guang Group is an international one, dealing in Jin’guang Metso, realty business, food industry and financial industry. The asset is $30 billion. Huafeng Food Co. Ltd., one of Jin’guang Group affiliated enterprises, deals in producing instant noodles and the auxiliary products. It has 5 subsidiaries which have produced and sold more than 2 billion bags of instant noodles. Types of Cooperation being looked for: To promote new products and look for strategic cooperation view details
PRC01 - ANGELIA INC. ChinaChinaThe company is specialized in manufacturing and distributing cakes, bread, western cookies, chinese refreshment and mooncakes with more than 200 varieties. Looking to establish food processing factories in Vietnam and Mongolia. view details
PRC01 - BAOJI PANGFENG S&T CO. LDT. ChinaItalyIt's mainly engaged in printed package iron, container manifacture and machinery procession. Looks for technology transfer and machineries and cooperation in food container manifacture and procession. view details
PRC0101 - SHAANXI TIANREN ORGANIC FOOD CO. LTD ChinaChinaHigh-tech enterprise in the food industry field, which is the leading food enterprise in 2005—2006 National Food Industry with a registered capital of 88,000,000 yuan, total assets of more than 200,000,000 yuan. The company’s organic food, special and quick—frozen fruit juice and freeze—dried fruits and vegetables have a huge market and broad prospects in the International Community. The company’s affiliated enterprises, four major bases are in a clear division of labor, forming a complete one—stop industrial chain of researching, developing, producing, processing and marketing organic food, special concentrated fruit juice, quick—frozen and freeze—dried fruit and vegetables. Products are for the international market, mainly sold in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea and oter countries.Interested in promting trade cooperation. view details
PRC0102 - SANYUAN SHUNYUAN FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaSanyuan Shunyuan Food Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive meat processing enterprise with the most advanced equipments and complete range of articles in Xianyang. With a very convenient transportation, the company owns domestically first-class meat processing and production line and refrigerating warehouse. The output of the deep freezer is 1800 tons, while the high temperature freezer is 900 tons and the frozen is 120 tons. Adopting the modernized equipments and advanced processing skills and new ageing techniques under low temperatures, its products are sold to various large supermarkets home and abroad like Wal Mart, Metro, Ren ren le, Vanguard, Lotus and Aika etcCooperation intention: interested in meeting meat processing companies. view details
PRC0103 - SHAANXI XIANYANG COLOR PRINTING PACKAGING CO., LTD. ChinaChinaShaanxi Xianyang Color Printing Packaging Co., Ltd., located in Qianxian County Industrial Zone, Shaanxi Province, mainly produces various kinds of food packing cases, bags, and honeycomb fiberboard. The apple packing case designed by the Color-painting Design Center has been exported to 15 countries.Types of Cooperation being looked for: To purchase Italian 8-color flexographic press and other equipments Ready to accept orders to produce various kinds of food or liquid milk packing cases, paper cases, honeycomb fiberboard trays, packing cases of fruits for export, composite paper bags view details
PRC0104 - XINCHUAN FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD., SANYUAN COUNTY ChinaChinaFounded in 2001, Shaanxi Sanyuan Xinchuan Food Machinery Company has been professionally engaged in equipment manufacturing of dairy, legume, starch, saccharide, juice and beverage, dehydrated vegetables and wastewater treatment system, and has become a diversified substantial enterprise, which owns a total asset of 30 million RMB. With the development these years, the company has become a supplier, who has supplied over 300 sets of equipment to over 80 domestic facilities.Intention of cooperation: To jointly develop and promote China’s food machinery industry view details
PRC0105 - XIANYANG CHUNHUA ZHONGFU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. ChinaChinaThe company is a sole investment private enterprise which registered capital is 38,000,000RMB. Now it has 1,300 ? workshops, 870? storages and 97 employees. The company produces 3,000-4,000 tons of concentrated apple juice; the annual average gross value is 20,000,000-30,000,000 RMBCooperation Intention Look for equipments renewal and reconstruction; products distribution view details
PRC0106 - INDUSTRIAL & TRADE CO., LTD. ChinaChinaThe company is mainly engaged in the design, production, development, processing and marketing of a variety of products, a variety of gift boxes and packing boxesLooks for joint ventures and cooperation in food packaging sector. view details
PRC0107 - CHUNHUA FENGYUAN DAIRY CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company has registered capital in the amount of 4 million Yuan; fixed capital 7.87 million Yuan; total capital 15 million Yuan. The designed capacity per year is 2,000 tons, of which the whole milk powder takes up 1,200 tons; skimmed milk powder 500 tons; cream 300 tons.Looks for partnership especially for sales. view details
PRC0108 - FU PING LV QIN PERSIMMON CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company operates mainly in the persimmon industry, trade with Japan, South Korea and other countries.Cooperation intention: Persimmon further processing and packaging precision view details
PRC0109 - SHANNXI HONGXING FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaThis company was founded in the year 1998. It is a scientific and technological corporation combined by food research, development and manufacture, management. The main products of the company are Hong Xing Soft Cake and Hong Xing Amber Candy. The corporation has already been through proof by ISO9001 Looks for all type of cooperation. view details
PRC0110 - SHAANXI SANYUAN LONGQIAO FLOUR CO., LTD ChinaChinaShaanxi Longqiao Flour Co. LTD possesses the international first-class modern production line of the Swiss Buhler group. It processes up to 300 tons of wheat. At the present, its commercial network covers five northwestern provinces as well as Sichuan and Guizhou province with around 860 trade debtors. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2002.Intention for cooperation: Sales of flour view details
PRC0111 - SHAANXI BAIXIANG FOOD GROUP CO.LTD ChinaChinaThe Shaanxi Baixiang food group Co. Ltd was first introduced by the party committee and government of Sanyuan county in March, 2005, with the overall investment of 12 billion. The company used to be equipped with 6 product lines of instant noodles among which 4 lines could produce 200,000 bags per shift and another 2 lines 120,000 bags per shift. The daily output reaches 3,000,000 bags. It is estamiated that the annual production value of it is as high as 400 million RMB with the pre-tax profit as high as 20 million RMB.Looks for all kind of cooperation view details
PRC0112 - XIANYANG QINCHUAN CATTLE FARM ChinaChinaQinchuan Cattle Farm, located in Jiangcun Town, Qianxian County, was founded by the Shaanxi Province Agreculture Department in 1974 as one of the cattle farms to conserve the breed of Qinchuan Cattle. The farm, with 120 Qinchuan cattles in its stables, covers 1238 mu, of which the factory and cowshed takes up 110 mu. As a result of the farm’s function in driving the development of cattle-raising, the number of Qinchuan cattle raised in the whole county reaches more than 30 thousand with more than 10 thousand ready for slaughter each year. In addition, relying on the rich arable land resources, the farm has planted more than 1500 mu of high-quality grapes, which yield more than 4000 tons of high grade red grapes.Interested in Processing of Qingchuan cattle beef and further Processing of red grape. view details
PRC0113 - XIANYANG FRUIT INDUSTRIAL GROUP LIMITED COMPANY ChinaChinaThe company is a share enterprise which combines production, processing, storing and transportion and sale of fruit product, mainly selling the fruit products such as Weibei apple and Red Earth grape under the brand “Lv Qi”. As a leading enterprise of the industrialization of agriculture, the company owns the independent management right of import and export.To sell the Hongfushi apple. view details
PRC0114 - XIAN YANG FUAN JUICE CO., LTD ChinaChinaEstablished in 1993, our company is the first one to deal with the processing and exporting of concentrated apple juice businesses in western China, and now we are the leading enterprise in Shaanxi province. The main products of our company are concentrated apple juice series, concentrated pear juice series and dehydrated apple series. Meanwhile, we have our own registered orchard and we are one of the five companies which have license to export fresh apple to Canada and Mexico. The imported GRAFF sorting line is the best in China. At present, we have got the certificate such as HACCP, ISO9001, SGF and HOSHER, etc. Our products have been sold to 47 countries and regions over the world and enjoyed high reputation among our customers for stable and good quality. Intention for cooperation: Marketing, agency, investment, shareholding, joint operations, etc. view details
PRC0115 - : SHAANXI HENGYUAN FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company is established in 2005, which is specialized in all kinds of raising irou, developing, processing and sailing egg products. Nowadays, The total assets of the company have reached 50 million RMB, and with 12 million RMB as fixed assets, 5 million RMB as registed.Cooperation intention: Orders for the packaging equipment; Overseas sales agents. view details
PRC0116 - FUPING FUHUA DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY ChinaChinaThis company, the backbone of dairy industry in Weinan, is a big dairy products company in Shaanxi. It has three production lines of dairy processing, the one which can produce 6,000 tons of milk powder per year, and the lines of generating 15,000 tons of Gabriel packaged liquid milk and Le-Bao beverage.The type of partner researched:the whole contract rents, the cooperation, the joint capital. view details
PRC02 - BEIJING HUIYUAN GROUP (XIANYANG) BEVERAGE & FOOD CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for know-how or technology transfer and joint ventures view details
PRC02 - TOP FLAVOR FOOD Co. Ldt. ChinaChinaThe company produces and sales fruit slices, fruit vinegar, vinegar drink and other soft drink. The company plans to launch a product line of vinegar cola with an annual output of 50,000 tons. This new and healty drink is developed all by the company itself. Patent has been obtained in terms of its formula and package design.Looking to find cooperation partners. Either sole proprietorship or share holding is welcome. view details
PRC03 - CHENGDU HONGCHANG FOOD CO., LDT. ChinaItalyThe company is specialized in all kinds of wild and cultivated mushrooms, such as Matsutake, Boletus Edulis, Morchella Conica, Truffle, with a production of more than 100 varieties. Main products: canned mushrooms and frozen mushrooms. Looks for joint ventures, technolgy transfer in order to expand the categories of the products and enhance the quality. view details
PRC03 - SHAANXI HUARONG INDUSTRY Ltd. ChinaChinaThe company is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in Tongchuan. The main products include food series of Tangqi Queen's crisp candy, beverage series of Tangqi fruit juice. ;Looks for new technology, breakthrough traditional package and explore new field. view details
PRC04 - FUJIAN TONGFA FOODS GROUP CO., LDT ChinaItalyThe Group has six modern Canneries, one logistic and distribution centre for import foods and one department for real estate. It produces hundreds of products covered the wide ranges of edible fungus, vegetables, meats and seafood. The company's canneries have already passed: IFS certificate, ISO9001, 2000 certificate, HACCP certificate, HALAL certificate, KOSHER, QS and FDA registration. Looks for joint ventures,technology transfer. view details
PRC04 - TONG CHUAN GAO YUAN FRUIT Ltd. ChinaChinaThe primary service of the company is the cold storage, cleanout, waxing, selection, package, home market sale and export of the fruit and vegetables. Looks for foreign fruit wholesale dealers. view details
PRC05 - GUAN SHENG YUAN (GROUP) CO. LTD ChinaItalyLarge scale enterprise engaging mainly in food industry and concurrently in other diversified industries in all over China, it is specialized in manifacturing of over two thousand varieties of products like, candies, bee products, bakeries, seasonings, wine, beverage, frozen food, etc. Looks for Licences, Know-How or technology transfer, representation agreements. view details
PRC05 - SHAANXI YANCHUAN HONGHAI INDUSTRY Co.Ltd ChinaChinaProduction of dry date, fresh date, date juice, date sauce and preserved date, involving more than 30 varieties. Looks to attract investiment projects for deep processing of red dates. view details
PRC06 - HARBIN GOLDEN HAPPINESS COMMERCIAL MACHINERY ChinaItalyProduction of machineries. The comany has invented the first automatic dumpling forming machine exported in 64 countries and areas.It can ghange both the tickness of the dumpling wrappers and the volume of the filling for dumplings. Looks for know-how and technology transfer, joint ventures. view details
PRC06 - YUAN FANG (YAN'AN) gROUP COMPANY ChinaChinaThe company has 11 subsidiaries such as mutton production factory, vinegar company, sand thorn tea factory and carpet factory. Looks for food package, design and sale. view details
PRC07 - HARBIN LONGJUNG INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD ChinaItalyThe company devotes itself to macromolecule material domain of green eco-friendly, technology research and marketing. Its products as, Skypurl brand, are non polluted, waterproof, antioil, anticold, harmless and can be used in refrigeration and microwave oven. Looks for know how or technology transfer. view details
PRC07 - SHAANXI XINGYIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING Co. Ltd. ChinaChinaLeading agricultural enterprise as well as the largest export-oriented private one in Yanan City - specialized in the purchasing, processing and exporting of adzuki bean, green bean, white kidney bean, ming bean. Looks for all kind of cooperatio, especially for products distribution. view details
PRC08 - HARBIN MODERN DAIRY MACHINE CO., LTD ChinaItalyThe company is specialized in producing complete set of soymilk and milk powder equipment.Their products involve: non stinking soy milk production line, non stinking soy milk powder production line, goober milk equipment, goober milk powder equipment, multifunction soybean peeling machine series, liquid milk equipment, equipment for isolating soybean protein and grain drying equipment. Looks for subcontracting agreements, representation agreements, licenses. view details
PRC08 - YAN CHANG GUA LONG FRUIT INDUSTRY Ldt. ChinaChinaFruit company specialized in purchasing, distributing and storing with the right of imports and exports of various commodities. Looks for all type of cooperation. view details
PRC09 - HEILONGJIANG LONG-FU OIL CO. ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for technology transfer, joint ventures representation agreements. view details
PRC09 - SHANGLUO JIANDA TRADITIONAL MEDICINE HEALTH PRODUCTS ChinaChinaThe main business of the company are foreign trade, development, production and sale of traditional medical products; purchase, sale and processing of traditional medicine. The purpose of the corporation for future is to further develop Jianda Natural Food used both for food and medicine, and establishment of an international standardized factory. Looking for investiment or financing cooperation. view details
PRC10 - HEILONGJING XINGANG PACKAGING MATERALS CO., LTD ChinaItalyProduction and sale of Plastic Flexible Packaging. Company main products are BOPP, beam splitter, CPP beam splitter, PE shrink film products. Looks for R&D, Know how or technology transfer. view details
PRC10 - PINGLI BAI CAO TANG BIO TECHNOLOGY Co.Ldt ChinaChinaThe company, a private owned high-tech industry embodying foreign trade and technical services, specializes in scientific development, manufacturing, processing and wholesale of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum series. In addition, the company has set up production line for Gynostemma Pentaphyllum beautifying wine, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum coke, purified water, nutrient drink, series of tea products and submicron powder. Propose of cooperation for future: purchasing advanced processing equipments for tea products, introducing realtive techniques and looking for cooperative partners. view details
PRC11 - INTERNATIONAL PAPER FOODSERVICE (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for subcontracting agreements, know how or technology transfer view details
PRC11 - SHAANXI TIANDOU EGG PROCESS Ltd.Co. ChinaChinaThe company is a sole foreign funded enterprise integrating R&D, production and distribution of egg products, from pasteurized egg power, egg yolk power and egg white power to whole egg liquid, boiled egg and pollition free fresh egg. Looks for deep processing of egg products, joint venture/sole foreign-funded enterprise. view details
PRC12 - JIUSAN GROUP HAERBIN HUIKANG FOOD ChinaItalyPartecipation to be confirmed Looks for R&D and Technology transfer. view details
PRC12 - TONG CHUAN MEAT PACKING PLANT ChinaChinaThe comany is a state-pwned and merchant-operated enterprise covering 38000 sqm and dealing with the processing of meet products and storage of fruit, vegetables and cold drinks. Cooperation intention: leasehold, joint ventures or purchase. view details
PRC13 -LIUPANSHAN POTATO.CO.LTD.GUYUAN NINGXIA ChinaItalyThe company sells the local agricultural products providing to the processing or vacuum packaging. Search for R&D, Subcontracting agreements,licences, technology transfer, joint ventures. view details
PRC13 - TONG CHUAN QIN FENG BREWAGE Ltd. ChinaChinaKey enterprise of food service industry and member of the foodd Association in Tong Chuan. The company is also engaged in the processing and sale of pickles, sufu, food, farm and sideline products. Looks for joint venture, cooperation, compensation trade, recombination and so on. view details
PRC14 - SHAANXI BAISHUI HONGDA CONSTRUCTION & FRUIT INDUSTRY CO., LTD ChinaItalyIt is an economic entity in the fruit industry and fruit exportation. The overall management of the company and its bases have passed the ISO9001 international quality management system, Eurepgap, and European Union Organic Food authentification.Looks for joint ventures, technology transfer. Interesting in apple processing and juice production technologies. view details
PRC14 - XIANYANG GRAIN & OIL MACHINERY EQUIPMENT Co.Ltd. ChinaChinaThe company deals with export trading of enginery products. It markets products such as machines of food, chemical industry and electric power and equipments of pre-press of plant oil, whole set lixivitation and refining oil from level 1 to level 4. Looks for design, production and installation projects of equipments in terms of extraction and production of fruit oil. view details
PRC15 - SHENMU COUNTY XUEFENG FOODS Co. Ltd. ChinaChinaThe company is a food processing manufacturer. Its production line has been extended to 5 series, including fried food, steamed food, baked food, cakes and moon cakes. Seek business partners to jointly develop, produce jujube and coarse cereals beverage. view details
PRC15 -SHAANXI GUANSHAN DAIRY CO. LTD ChinaItalyIt is a leading enterprise in the agro industry of Shaanxi province. Its fixed assets reached 100 million rmb and has two subsidiaries of a milk powder procession factory with 10,000 ton capacity and a metal package jars procession factory with 30 million piece capacity. Looks for technology transfer, production agreements or joint ventures. Particular project: interested in the field of milk powder procession. view details
PRC16 - SHAANXI HONGXING DAIRY Co. Ltd. ChinaChinaThe company is the largest base of dairy goats in China. It concentrates its efforts on advancing the new model of scale breeding, intensive raising and mechanized milking to ensure quality and safety of the raw materials for goat dairy products. Desired cooperation: commissioned processing, agency "Mei Ling" dairy goat products, cooperation and processing of cheese. view details
PRC16 - SHAANXI QINBAO HUSBANDRY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTECIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for technology transfer, joint ventures. Particular project: interested in intensive processing of beef products view details
PRC17 - MEIWEIJIA FOOD Co. Ltd ChinaChinaThe company active in the food sector has three production lines: one for butchering live pigs, one for carved meat production incorporating meat carving, freezing and cold-storage and one for bacon production and processing. Looks for all kind of cooperation. view details
PRC17 - SHANTOU ZHONGXING PLASTIC & PAPER PRINTING CO.,LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for R&D, licences, technology transfer, joint ventures. view details
PRC18 - SHENYANG HONGZHUO TRADING CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for technology transfer. view details
PRC18 - GIANT EAGLE JUJUBE Co. Ltd ChinaChinaThe company is specialized in jujube products. Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
PRC19 - PEKING UNIVERSITY (ANKANG) KANSGSHENG HEALTH CARE ChinaChinaThe company is a modern health care product company which covers development, production, processing and distribution in the care product field. Looks for authorized agents and sales of all products abroad. view details
PRC19 - SICHUAN BAIJIA FOOD CO. LTD ChinaItalyIt is specialized in R&D production and marketing of food. The main products of Baijia Company are "Baijia" instant sweet potato noodle, "Nulican" seasoning for Sichuan dish, etc. Looks for subcontracting agreements, joint ventures, representation agreements. view details
PRC20 - ANKANG PHARMACEUTIAL INSTITUTE OF PEKING UNIVERSITY ChinaChinaAs legal entity of Peking University, it covers the development of natural medicine, research of new drugs, production, sales and the construction of bases of drug sources. Cooperation intention: - deep processing project of the Blue Berries preserve and milk tea. - export of the blue berrries preserve and milk tea - sale of the extracts of the blue berry - joint investiment and development on the blue berries projects view details
PRC20 - SICHUAN JINLI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for joint ventures,know how transfer. view details
PRC21 - LiHua Wine Limited Company in Yaozhou District of Tongchuan City ChinaChinaThe company mainly engaged in grapes cultivation, wine development production and sales is located in TongChuan city, Shaanxi province. It covers an area of 99.8 acres. The up-standard workshops built occupy an area of 4500 square meters including juice extraction workshop, fermentation workshop, refrigeration workshop and bottling workshop. All equipments had been assembled ,installed and put into a preliminary test and operation formally in March, 2005.A dry-wine production line which has a processing capacity of 2000 tons of dry-wine has also commenced operations. This year, in Autumn and Winter, it plan to grow 4000-5000 acres of grapes for wine brewing and expand the grape cultivation base for ShiNiang wine to 13000 acres.Looks fot joint venture or investment. view details
PRC21 - TAIYUAN HANBO FOOD INDUSTRY CO., LTD ChinaItalyThe company is specialized in haw and walnut's research and development, production, distribution and service.Looks for know how and technology transfer. view details
PRC22 - SHAANXI PUCHENG QINFENG FOOD SERVICE CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company is specialized in food products. Daily production of rafter head-liked steam-bread is as high as 100,000 and the momentum for consumption is quite fine. Meanwhile, some local food is successively developed, such as crunchy steam-bread, pebble and stick-liked steam-bread, roasted steam-bread slices, assorted chilli, meals. Looks for investiments and joint venture agreements. view details
PRC22 - TIDER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for partners with whom cooperate for the innovation and technology of the fruit and vegetable processing and packing. view details
PRC23 - PUCHENG XIAOPIN PACKAGING CO.LTD ChinaChinaThe Company was founded in 1997, mainly engaged in fruit packing, bagging fruit, fruit sales builds fruits and vegetable of CA storage of 500 tons. It is equipped with a fruit and vegetable processing plant which covers the area of 3000 square meters. The numbers of the employees has increased from 107 to 260. With all registering procedures gone through, the fruits have been exported to Thailand, Southeast Asia, the European Union and other countries. Looks for potential partners in fruit processing sector. view details
PRC23 - VERVEPAK INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD ChinaItalyIt is a large hi-tech corporation that professionally deals with developing, producing and selling liquid food aseptic packaging with its own independent intellectual property rights.Looks for R&D, subcontracting agreements, licenses, know how and technology transfer. view details
PRC24 - SHAANXI TIANJV INDUSTRY GROUP CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company has four tunnel-type low-temperature production lines of fine dried noodle. The annual production of common, coloured and top-quality dried noodles is 20,000 ton and sales revenue in 2007 has achieved 220 million RMB. Wheat flour of “Tianjv” brand series has successively gone through ISO9001 International Quality Authentication and been awarded the name of key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shaanxi ProvinceLooks for all kind of cooperation. In particular the company is interested in setting a production line with annual production of 20,000 ton. view details
PRC24 - XINJIANG KANGXIN CASING MANUFACTING CO. LTD ChinaItalyThe company is specialized in processing and export of sheep casings. Looks for technology transfer, in particular cooperation in sausage fabrication plant. view details
PRC25 - SHAANXI RONGLAN DESERT CONTROL CO.LTD ChinaChinaThe company contacts the cypress of 115000 acres for the tree-planting. There are all kinds of 1130 acres of green seedlings, 4000 breeding rabbits, 400 breeding sheep, a granulated feed plant, a meat and food processing plant, 5000 acres of lucerne and 2000 acres of fruit Demonstration Park. Interesting in: Further processed chicken, rabbits, and mutton; The storage of fresh peach; The construction of fruit base and Demonstration Park; Further processed edible bitter herbs and lucerne. view details
PRC25 - XINJIANG SHIHEZI GARDEN CREAMERY CORPORATION ChinaItalyThe company is specialized in production of dairy products, set cow base, dairy processing, integrated product sales.Looks for dairy processing cooperative partners. Interested in advanced sterilized milk packaging equipment. view details
PRC26 - YAN’AN FRUIT GROUP COMPANY ChinaChinaAs one of the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in Shaanxi province , Yan'an Fruit Industry Group , specialized in apple production, purchase, storage, sales, foreign trade, transportation and other cold-chain operations. The storage ability of refrigeratory can reach 12000T. The company have introduced Italy Apple sorting lines with processing capacity of 20T per hour. Besides, it also adopted the ISO90011, EUREPGAP, HACCP certification and organic food certification and Products are exported to Canada, the European Union, Russia, and other 20 countries and regionsInteresting in finding apple export trade partners. view details
PRC26 -CHENGDU-XUAN SOURCE AGRICOLTURAL LTD. ChinaItalyVegetables, fruits and garlic export processing.Looks for technology transfer. view details
PRC27 - SHAANXI CHANGHE INDUSTRY CO., LTD ChinaChinaIt participates in eco-agricultural development of West China, constructing Liushao Bay eco-agricultural garden, the top one of West China; it will accelerate the comprehensive development of “Huaxia Leofoo”series agricultural products and build up a famous brand for Chinese agricultural products with all strength. Comprehensive development projects of “Huaxia Leofoo” agricultural products (Including cooperation of apple and local products supplying supermarkets, export, and processing of organic food, such as apple chips and drinks, etc.) view details
PRC27 - SHAANXI YANYOUSI CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for joint ventures, subcontracting agreements. view details
PRC28 - DINGBIAN COUNTY DAIRY PRODUCTS INDUSTRIAL CO ChinaItalyPARTECIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for joint ventures and technolgy trasfer. view details
PRC28 - XIANYANG LAOWANGJIA ISLAMIC FOOD CO.,LTD ChinaChinaThe company has a complex building of 7000? and a food processing factory producing HaLiMai condiment series,as,Bottom Material of Chafing Dish, chicken soup, chicken essence seasoning, cooking condimen. It has about 200 employees and turns over some 10 billion Yuan profit tax to the country. It has been awarded the Excellent Enterprises many times and the general manager Ma Xiulan was awarded the Provincial Labor Model and National Women Entrepreneur.In order to promote the brand, the company is looking for partners in developing vacuum packaging and advanced packaging technology. view details
PRC29 - DANDAN CONDIMENT CO., LTD ChinaItalyProduction of very hight quality spicy bean paste. Looks for R&D and sales. view details
PRC29 - HANZHONG HANSEN FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaIs a live- pig slaughterhouse scientific, standardized and modernized with a daily capacity of 800 pigs. The company is going to declare for the national 3 star live-pig slaughtering enterprise. Cooperation intention: development and marketing of meat production and baked food. view details
PRC30 - DINGBIAN COUNTY FUXIANG FOODS CO., LTD ChinaItalypartecipation to be confirmedLooks for joint ventures and technology transfer. view details
PRC30 - SHAANXI SPRING OIL CO., LTD. ChinaChinaShaanxi Spring Oil Co., Ltd. was located in Industrialized Agriculture High-tech Zone, Mianxian County, Hanzhong, Shaanxi province. It is a private enterprise, mainly focusing on oil processing, bio-energy exploiting, silk production and plastic products production. It was awarded the National Key Flagship Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization and National model of agricultural products processing enterprise.Looks for promoting the mutual learning and progressing. view details
PRC31 - WEST YUE BIOTECHNOLOGY LIMITED COMPANY IN XIAN ChinaChinaWest Yue biotechnology limited company in Xian was founded on 10th August,2007.Its registered capital was 2 million yuan.In response to the World Health Organization's call for human to take in enough selenium to guard against those contemporarily incurable diseases which are harmful to huamn's health,the company devotes itself to developing and producing organic food containing selenium to prevent more than 70 kinds of stubborn endemic diseases caused by lack of selenium in human body.Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
PRC32 - CHANGQING FOOD AND DRINKS CO. LTD ChinaChinaChangqing Food and Drinks Co. Ltd has been established since 1987. It follow the managing principle of striving for excellent quality, promoting prestigious development, and implementing quality safety guidelines of the country. To ensure the quality and safety of the products, it has brought in advanced production and testing equipment. Interested in cooperation in food processing, food packaging, plant fruits processing products. view details
PRC32 - SICHUAN YOULIAN SEASONING AND FOOD CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDLooks for joint ventures, technology transfer. view details
PRC33 - BAOJI HUALONG HUSBANDRY CO., LTD. ChinaItalyThe company is mainly engaged in hens breeding, feeding stuff procession and meat hens butcher procession. Looks for joint ventures and R&D. view details
PRC33 -SHAANXI LANGAO COUNTY PEARL KONJAK FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaChoosing the rich konjak resources in Langao County as materials, the company has gradually developed 13 kinds of products, dividing into five categories, including high quality konjak refined powder, light powder and konjak gums, with an annual production over 5000 ton. Guided by science and technology, it fully applied the modern and scientific administration supported by the material base development. According to the industrial mode of company, material base and famers, it has not only developed a standardized green pollution-free material production base with an area over 30,000 mu, but established several scientific research production departments including the konjak research institute, material drying factory (totally enclosed automatic production line), refined powder packing house and gum branch company. Looks for all kind of cooperation. view details
PRC34 - SHAANXI HUAXIAN COUNTY GREEN FOOD CO., LTD. ChinaChinaFounded in 2003, the company owns a high and new tech model zone of vegetable research institute and a vegetable production line with an annual output of 10,000 ton. Based on the Yanling high-tech model zone dominance, it adopt the industrial mode of company, farmers, and cooperators to develop the order form agriculture. With a sound organizational structurei covering an area of 40 mu with a floor space of 5000 m2, owns two deep processing product lines of vegetables and fruit with the fixed assets of 40 million. Cooperative Intention: joint venture and cooperation with the focus on deep processing of side-line production, vegetables, fruit and starch-based products. view details
PRC34 - SHENMU COUNTRY XUEFENG FOODS CO., LTD. ChinaItalyThe company is mainly engaged in the business of food production. Looks for joint ventures and technology trasfer. view details
PRC35 - CHENGDU UNION INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD ChinaItalyIt is specialized in the developing, processing and selling of farm produce. The main products are wild vegetables, natural mushrooms, cultivated vegetables.Looks for joint ventures and R&D. view details
PRC35 - SHAANXI PENG XIANG TEA CO., LTD. ChinaChinaShaanxi Peng Xiang Tea Co., Ltd. is a scientific enterprise mainly focusing on planting, processing, marketing and researching of tea and tea culture. This company manages several subordinate companies, including Wuliba Peng Xiang Tea Factory, Xiakou Brand-name Tea processing factory, Refined Tea processing factory, institute of black tea, and Auricularia auricular compression factory. The Tea garden covers an area of over 20000 mu with an area of 2400 mu of organic tea. The marketing network is over 126 cities in the north-west China, covering Xixiang, Xi’an, Chengdu, Beijing, etc.Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
PRC36 - PINGLI COUNTRY BAI CAO TANG BIOTECHNOLOGY LDT. ChinaItalyIt is dedicated to R&D, production and sales of Fiveleaf Gynostemma series deep processing products. In the scientific research there are five research offices for tea kinds, planting, processing, plant protection and speciality.Looks for technology transfer and subcontracting agreements. view details
PRC36 - SHAANXI GUANSHAN DAIRY CO. LTD ChinaChinaShaanxi Guanshan Dairy Co. Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the agro industry of Shaanxi province. Its fixed assets reached 100 million RMB, has over 800 staff workers and two subsidiaries of a milk powder procession factory with 10,000-ton capacity per year and a metal package jars procession factory with 30 million-piece capacity.The company relies on 570, 000 mu natural grassland, 80,000 well-bred milk cows and 100,000 Saanen Goats and carries out technological cooperation with Inner Mongolian agricultural university, northwest A & F University, Beijing Louis Pasteur diary technology co,. LTD, and American Mori-cheer nutrients co,. LTD etc. Utilizing modern techniques and equipment, we produce high-quality and high-grade goat and cow formula milk powder for more than 40 types, among which humanized infant formula milk powder produced by modern biological technology was listed among the major sci-tech innovation projects by sci-tech department of Shaanxi province and the national sparking plan projects by Ministry of national science and technique.Interested in establishing a milk powder processing project. view details
PRC37 - MIZHI COUNTRY XINGDE EXCHEQUER RICE CO., LTD ChinaItalyThe company is engaged in the business of exchequer rice and beans products.Looks for joint ventures, technology transfer, subcontracting agreements. view details
PRC37 - SHAANXI ANKANG CITY KANGXI (HEALTHY SELENIUM) MINERAL WATER CO., LTD ChinaChinaAs the first pure natural mineral water corporation in Ankang City, Shaanxi Ankang City Kangxi (Healthy Selenium) Mineral Water Corporation Limited, with its factory located in Hongshan Town, Hanbin District of Ankang City and its company address at No 8 Bashan East Road in Ankang City, belongs to the type of limited liability company. The developed product “Kangxi” mineral water, with the selenium content of 0.0395-0.048mg/L and the strontium content of 0.32-0.34mg/L, has reached the standard defined by “natural mineral drinking water” national standard (CB5837-95). The water, containing several microelements and components important for good health including metasilicic acid and zinc, belongs to high quality natural mineral drinking water including selenium, strontium, low natrium and high calcium carbonate, with its sensory quality, pollution indicator and microbial indicator up to the national standard. Selenium, known as the miraculous element for life, has become the popular factor in preventing diseases, fighting cancer and improving human immunity.Interested in investment, cooperation and products exclusive sale. view details
PRC38 - INVESTMENT PROMOTION BUREAU IV, YANGLING AGRICULTURAL HI-TECH INDUSTRIES ZONE ChinaChinaBusiness promotion Project 1:Construction of a cereal biscuit production line Basing on the scientific and brand advantages in the district, the company plan to build a cereal biscuit production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons of cereal biscuits. Project 2: Deep processing project of egg products The project is aimed to build a chicken embryo hatchery workshop of 2000 square meters and a workshop of 1000 square meters for extracting, freezing, and drying embryonic elements from chicken’s embryos. Project3: Construction of a green live pig breeding farm accommodating 100,000 pigs Project4: Construction of a carved beef processing and distributing center 25 acres of land in the Industrial Zone of YangLing has been expropriated for the project. Purchases of equipments and construction of a steel truss plant have been completed. The project is now suspended due to a shortage of capital. The company plan to build another two-storey processing workshop in steel structure and with thermal insulation walls. The building square will be 3500 square meters including 7 freezer compartments of high or low temperature (each compartment will occupy about 450 square meters) and 200 square meters of auxiliary rooms. Two processing lines and packaging equipments are expected to be imported so as to reach a processing capacity of producing 10 tons of delicately carved beef per day and delivering 2500 tons of beef-related products per year. view details
PRC38 - SHENMU COUNTRY EVERGREEN FOODS AND BEVERAGE CO. ChinaItalyThe company is engaged in the production of foods and beverages. Looks for joint ventures and technology trasfer. view details
PRC39 - INTEGRATE FARM-INDUSTRY-COMMERCE CORPORATION OF SHAANXI LAND RECLAMATION&STATE FARMS ChinaChinaThe main industries of the corporation are planting, breeding, agriculture products processing, and the main products are foodstuff, cotton,oil, different fruits, well-bred crop, ostrich products and so on. The cherry of Hua Yin farm is given the authentication of the state green food. In 2007, there were 1565 mu of fruiting trees, output 150,000 jin, and sales income 1,400,000. It is estimated in 2008, there will be 2000 mu of fruiting trees, and output 400,000 jin.Looks for cooperation on Cherry processing, greenness keeping and joint venture. view details
PRC40 - SHAANXI IKO OSTRICHES CO., LTD ChinaChinaSHAANXI IKO OSTRICHES CO., LTD. mainly deals with ostriches breeding, comprehensive processing, trading, foodstuff processing, biological researching, producing and selling, high efficient ecological agriculture and so on. It has 5,000 breeding ostriches and more than 20,000 commercial birds. Commercial Ostriches Integrated Processing Project proposal: it is planned to build an integrated processing production line with annual production scale of 60000 commercial ostriches in accordance with international standard. Investment Scale: It is required to finance RMB37million for configured facilities construction such as constructing butchering line quick-frozen warehouse, refrigerating warehouse and vacuum freezing meat products, market advertising as well as flowing capital. view details
PRC40 - YULIN XINTIANYUAN GROUP CO ChinaItalyProduction of buckwheat, including bags of buckwheat fast noodles. Looks for joint ventures and technology transfer. view details
PRC41 - HUASHENG FRUIT COMPANY ChinaChinaHuasheng Fruit is one of enterprises in hi-tech agricultural industrialization, mainly engaged in apple industrialization. The company was set up in 1997, with a total asset of RMB 350 million. It has the top-ranking CA packinghouses, cold storage traffic motorcar and fruit photo-electricity automobile sorting lines in the world.Looks for all type of cooperation. view details
PRC42 - DINGBIAN WUGUYAN FOOD GRAINS CO., LTD ChinaItalyThe company is engaged in food grain processing with an annual product of 18,000 tons. Looks for subcontracting agreements and joint ventures. view details
PRC42 - SHAANXI DING BIAN HE JIA FU FOOD CO., LTD. ChinaChinaShaanxi He Jia Fu Food Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise with businesses mainly covering the traditional food with local features, such as Lu Mo, a kind of Chinese bread with fillings in between and Ma Hua, fried dough twist. The company enjoys a high reputation in local areas. It covers more than 25000 ?and has altogether 266 permanent and seasonal employees. Till now, it has repeatedly won national, provincial, municipal and local awards. Seek for project partners. Seek for the funds introduction and technology import view details
PRC43 - LINGYUN BREWING (XIANYANG) CO., LTD ChinaChinaLingyun Brewing (Xianyang) Co., Ltd. is Xianyang Brewing Plant former, which was founded in 1956 and has manufacturing space of 30 thousands square meters. It is a professional enterprise specializing in producing soy sauce, table vinegar, pickles, soy products. Its products refer to 6 series of types, aggregate 128 ones and market widely to northwest 5 provinces and the places such as Beijing, Sichuan, Liaoning in popular with customers. Besides these, the company’s products are honored as China Green Brand, Quality-product Award, National Authoritative Inspection Qualified Products Award amount to 26 ones.Interested in technology transfer/ceding, investment promotion, new products development and sales agent. view details
PRC43 -CHENGDU DONGPING FOOD CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTICIPATION TO BE CONFIRMEDLooks for R&D and joint ventures. view details
PRC44 - SICHUAN PIXIAN BEAN SOURCE HOLDING LTD. ChinaItalyIt regroups 3 local bean source companies with an annual production of JuanCheng brand Pixian bean source of over 10,000 tons.Looks for technology transfer and export agencies for their product. view details
PRC44 - YONGHE SLAUGHTERING AND PROCESSING (SHENMU COUNTY) CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company has more than 40 employees. Registered capital is one million RMB?The company specializes in slaughtering pig in fixed sites, and is the one engaged in a big pig primary process and possessing advanced slaughtering equipments, checking and quarantine devices. Looks for potential partner for meet processing production agreements. view details
PRC45 - SHANXI SANLAI FOODSTUFF PLANT ChinaChinaFood processing technologies Looks for all kind of partnership. view details
PRC45 -LANGAO MINGZHU KONJAC FOOD CO., LTD ChinaItalyPARTECIPATION NOT CONFIRMED Looks for technology transfer. view details
PRC46 - SAIXUE GRAIN-OIL INDUSTRIAL AND TRADE Co.Ldt ChinaChinaThe main areas of its business lie in the production of buckwheat flour, buckwheat, buckwheat skin and other kinds of grain. It covers an area of 5,000 ? and has altogether 30 employees. In 2007, this company’s volume of business reached 3.5 million Yuan and was awarded by the provincial and civic government for many times.1.Seeking cooperation partners 2.Introducing fund and technical skills view details
PRC46 - SHAANXI SUIDE SANSHILIPU FOOD GRAINS CO. LTD ChinaItalyThe company is mainly engaged in the business of food grains and relevant products. Looks for joint ventures and technology transfer. view details
PRC47 - DINGBIAN COUNTY FUXIANG FOOD CO. LTD ChinaChinaIt covers an area of 5280 and mainly produces Dingbian’s tradition food Stove Bread and Twisted Dough which were listed as tributes for royal court during the reign of emperor Kangxi in Qing dynasty. As a private company, Dingbian County FuXiang Food Co. LTD. undertakes both production and distribution. Cooperation intention: since founded in 1995, the company has built up thousands of franchisers which have sold the products all over the country. With the rapid development of food industry, the company is seeking for project capital to take over the market share. view details
PRC47 - JIAXIAN COUNTRY DONGFANGHONG DATES CO., LTD ChinaItalyThe company is engaged in the production of dates products and fruit wines, white wines as well as dates juice. Looks for joint ventures and technology transfer. view details
PRC48 - GANSU WEST SUN FOOD CO. LTD ChinaItalyVegetable and fruit production, especially tomato processing lines. Looks for import of tomato processing line. view details
PRC48 - SHENMU XIAO KANG AGRICULTURE CO. LTD ChinaChinaShenmu Xiao Kang Agriculture located in Jin Jie Industrial Park. The main products of alfalfa grass feed, the aquaculture industry is the upstream industry. Company extend the industrial chain: breeding cashmere goats and sheep processing (in the form of giftsLooks for cooperation of packaging and saling. view details
PRC49 - SHAANXI PU CHENG FENG HUI MEAT PRODUCT CO.LTD ChinaChinaThe company ,processing stewed ,smoked and roast meat,is the largest-scale food processing enterprise in the northern part of Wei He Region.In 2005, it passed authentication of national food security system ,and gained the national food producing licence .It boasts registered funds RMB 1 million. Now the product catergory is more than 20.Cooperation intention: investment cooperation on the deep processing of meat and egg products. view details
PRC50 - SHENMU GOLDEN EARTH AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD ChinaChinaSince its establishment, the company has been implemented the “brand strategy” - the company’s first-class minor grain crops, “Jin Yuanhe” (“Golden Grain” literally) has become a well-known brand, which have been sold to Xi’an, Beijing, Shenzhen and other far away places.Interested in products distribution. view details
PRC51 - SHAANXI LING YAN ECO-FRIENDLY RABBIT INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD ChinaChinaEstablished in May, 2006, the company is an export-oriented enterprise with businesses covering breeding, reproducing, reclaiming, slaughtering and processing rabbits. The company’s business is composed of three sectors: Qingfeng Rabbit Warren, Qingfeng Hare Warren and Qingfeng Rabbit Meat restaurant. The total investment of this company is 3.57 million RMB. Till now, 100,000 rabbits have been sold and the net profit is 330,000 RMB. At present, the company has acquired 50 mu (One mu is about 667?) in the Industrial Park. Moreover, a production line of a rabbit meat and rabbit skin intensive processing is under construction. It is expected to be put into production in the winter of 2009. 1.Seek for project partners. 2.Seek for the funds introduction and technology import. view details
PRC52 - JINJIE XINYUAN GENERAL MEATS CO., LTD. OF SHENMU COUNTY ChinaChinaJinjie Xinyuan General Meats Co., Ltd. of Shenmu County was established in 2004, which have registered capital 2 million and more than 250 employees. It mainly deals with raw meat products with advanced slaughter equipment and facility for inspection and quarantine. Looks for partner in meet processing sector. view details
PRC53 - DING BIAN COUNTY HUANG WAN TOWN SHAN HU POTATOES PROFESSIONAL COOPERATIVE ChinaChinaThe company established in 2005, with mature system and sound organizations, has these sectors: sales department, techonological service department and training school. Setting up potatoes demonstration base with twenty –two thousand mu , it was granted “Advanced economy collective ”by Provincial Agriculture Department.In 2007, the base served as demonstrative base for the 1st Ding Bian Potatoes Cultural Festival. Cooperation intention: 1.Joint management 2.Products packing view details
PRC54 - FOUR-GIRL AGRICULTURAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. ChinaChinaThe Four-Girl Agricultural Product Development Co., Ltd. was established at Shenmu County in 2005. Following the idea that brand should be set up first to take up the market before the development of the company scale, the company has consistently put the development of the brand on the central focus. Now, the Four-Girl field crop products have become the famous brand of the same kinds in the market and the volume of business is increasing every year. This company’s product has reached many large and medium-sized cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xinjiang, Shenzhen, Xi’an, etc. It now has become the local specialty of Shaanxi province.Seeking partners for exporting business view details
PRC55 - SHAANXI XIN YUAN BEVERAGE CO. LTD. ChinaChinaThe company mainly engaged in high-end modern health drink, development, production and sales, with beverage production experience, strong technology, sophisticated equipment, talents and advanced management. 2007 sales 8,580,000 yuan, 800,000 yuan in taxes paid, a profit of 1,350,000 yuan. Interested in cooperating with all the companies in a variety of ways of cooperation: joint ventures, transfer of shares, sales agents, OEM and so on. view details
PRC56 - YANGQUAN HUAXIN VINEGAR PLANT ChinaChinaProduction of vinegar Looks for all kind of cooperation. view details
PRC57 - DING BIAN DESERT ECO AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY ChinaChinaThe company was founded in 2005 with registered funds RMB 5,600,000.Its major business scope is on the production and sale of the dehydrated vegetable,whose quality is up to the export standard.Its annual output reaches 1500 tons.Generally, annual revenue of sales is RMB 23,000,000.In short ,the company plays the leading role in the city of Yu Lin.1.Joint management 2.Whole production line rent 3.Holding shares management 4.Exclusive sales of the products view details
PRC58 - XI’AN JIALI OIL INDUSTRY CO. LTD. ChinaChinaXI’AN JIALI Oil Industry Company Limited which integrates the oil processing and oil trade as a whole is a Chinese-Foreign joint venture, which is established in July, 1993. The investment of fixed assets is 11.2 million dollars. The staple products contain a series of famous brand edible oil, such as Arawana Brand Cooking Oil, Nice Taste Cooking Oil, Chun Man Yuan Cooking oil and Qiao Chu Cooking Oil, etc. Looks for the latest information and developments in food industry at home and abroad. view details
PRC59 - SHENMU SHANTIAN FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. ChinaChinaShenmu Shantian Fruit and Vegetable Products Development Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2004, with a registered capital of 1 million RMB. Its major business is the processing and selling of fruit and wild vegetable. The company’s “Shan Tianwang” has become a well-known brand in this trade.Interest in products processing and selling. view details
PRC60 - THE KEY PROJECT OFFICE OF DING BIAN COUNTY ChinaChinaThe project of meat product-processing makes full use of local rich resource of pigs and sheep, and plans to build a large-scale, modernized slaughter house plus one production line of meat products, which can annually butcher two hundred thousand commodity pigs and fifty hundred thousand sheep raised for meat. Looks for individual proprietorship and joint venture and cooperative partner view details
PRC61 - SHAAN XI PROVINCE DINGBIAN COUNTY MILK INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD ChinaChinaDingbian County Milk Industrial Co. Ltd. Was established in 1982.In1999, it became a limited company. Now it holds 108 employees, and 23 professional technicians. It has one milk treatment production line and one liquid milk production line, which are both at advanced levels in China. It has a Milk Cow Breeding Base which has about 1000 cows.1.Seek for program-cooperative partners 2.Introduction of capital and technique view details
PRC62 - BEIJING HUIYUAN GROUP XIANYANG BEVERAGE AND FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaThis company is the wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Huiyuan Group. The registration capital is 80 million Yuan. The first-period project was prepared to establish in the year 2003. In May 2004, the whole project was finished and accomplished investment of 2.4 billion Yuan. Now the company owns 4 production lines. The advanced sterile cold canning production line achieves ultra-high temperature instant sterilization and sterile environmental canning.Cooperation will: Import or export of concentrated juice and canned juice view details
PRC63 - SHAANXI GOLDEN BRIDGE DAIRY CO. LTD ChinaChinaShaanxi Golden Bridge Dairy Co. Ltd is located in Qiaodi town of Jingyang county, owns more than 58 million yuan in fixed assets. It is an independent legal high—tech private enterprise, which combines dairy—farming, fresh milk buying, dairy products processing and sales in one. Companies under the jurisdiction is a milk processing enterprise, 3 small farms, 26 machanized milking stations. Golden Bridge Dairy Co. Ltd develops very fast with a current international advanced level of milk processing line, processing 90 tons of fresh milk per day, with an annual output of 2400 tons’ high quality milk powder, producing 43,200,000 yuan. Milk powder of ZhongLu brand by this company is sold in Guangxi, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changsha, Wuhan and Guangzhou. Objectives: Foreign sales view details
PRC64-HONGQI DAIRY CO. LTD OF SHAANXI PROVINCE ChinaChinaThe Hongqi Dairy Co. Ltd was founded in 1994. As a medium-sized dairy product processing company, it mainly produces whole milk, skim milk powder, milk cream, and a series of liquid milk. The second phase of construction was completed and put into work in July 1st, 2007. The company covers 30,000square meters with 23 million RMB of registered capital and 80 million RMB of asset. It is equipped with 3 advanced triple-effect product-lines: 350, 500, 650, one double-effect milk-powder product-line, one skim milk-powder product-line, and one milk cream product-line. Regular offices, production department, sales department, production safeguard department, finance department, laboratories, etc, are set up within the company which adopts strict management system. Cooperation:sales view details
PRC65 - SHAANXI TERRIFILLING(TERRIFIC FILLING) FOOD CORPORATION ChinaChinaThe company is a modernized Muslim food products manufacturer engaged in inventing and producing Chinese and Western cakes and pastries as well as snacks in the northwest area. Its capital asserts have reached 45 million yuan and the building area is more than 3000 square meters. The products cover five series such as Terrfilling sweet heart cakes, crystal cakes, bean paste cakes and zongzi and altogether more than sixty kinds. They are sold well far off in eight provinces and more than ninety cities and countiesCooperation intents: Bid for a production line of Muslim food with an annual output 3000 tons. view details
PRC66 - XIANYANG QINQI FOOD CO., LTD. ChinaChinaThe company, founded in 2007, is specialized in Muslim food products. It covers an area of 10 mu with a building area of 2480 square meters. The company’s total investment is 5,000,000 Yuan. The main products include Qinqi Brand Longxiang shortbread series and Cantonese moon cake series. In 2008, it has successfully gone through QS National Quality Authentication.In order to develop new products and put them on the market, the company needs capital and technology support and cooperation. Looks for agents of new products view details
PRC67 - SHANNXI HONGDA NATE FOOGSTAFF CO., LTD ChinaChinaShaanxi Hongda Nate Foodstuff Co. LTD took the lead to pass the QS food quality authentication among all the dairy producers in2003. It processes up to 100 tons fresh milk every day, with a yearly yield of 3,000 tons whole milk powder as well as other dairy products. It was ratified as “the large-scale and second class villages and towns enterprise” by the authority department of PRC and “Pioneer Star Private Enterprise of Shaanxi Province” Intention for cooperation: Investment and share-holding view details
PRC68 - FUKANG DAIRY CO., LTD., SANYUAN COUNTY ChinaChinaThe surrounding areas offer raw milk of 8000 tons every day, which contributes to abundant dairy resources. Currently the company has a production line which makes an output of 4000 tons. Also, another production line is idle but ready to go into production of 6000 tons per year, immediately after slight adjustments. The company is now sincerely looking for partners of different kinds: 1.Agency factor 2.Cooperative and financial developer of new products 3.Corporate agent of dairy processing 4.Transfer, leasing partner and contractor. view details
PRC69 - MEI YUAN MAN HONG NON-STAPLE FOOD PROCESSING FACTORY ChinaChinaIntroduction:The company is located in Mei Yuan town in Wei Nan city and was founded in 1997. It producing "crispy dumplings" 100,000 jin per year . The dumplings were made by mixing wheat of good quantity with local sweet "longquan water" by traditional processing technology. The "crispy dumplings" also known as "double-aisle" and" mouth dumplings". It was popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It have earned a good reputation nationwide by it's unique color and shape, looking like a golden flower, oil smell and but not greasy, crispy and sweet .Also it was a traditional ancient tribute food in China. Cooperation intention: Cooperation in development for traditional local-style food view details
PRC70 - XIAN YANG JIN FENG NORTHWEST CO. LTD ChinaChinaWith domestic advanced product line of instant noodle, “Jin Feng” instant noodle of our corporation is sold well in many provinces, such as Shaanxi, Shanxi and so on. This popular food is of high quality and special taste.Looks for production agreements. view details
PRC71 - KAIDA CO.LTD OF SHAANXI ChinaChinaProduction of the dairy products.Looks for the production and processing technology of the dairy products view details
PRC72 - SHAANXI BIGAO COLOUR PRINTING CO., LTD. ChinaChinaThe company covers 15000 m2. It has invested 30 million in purchasing and introducing the most advanced printing equipments and technology of German Heideberg. The quality products have good printing adaptability, ideal for production of food, beverage, Chinese liquor and wine packaging productsCooperation interests: Provides high quality packaging products. Looks for the cooperation and investment to set up a packaging processing center for food and beverage stuff in the northwest of China. view details
PRC73 - SHAANXI DING MAI FOOD COMPANY ChinaChinaAs a modern manufacturer,the company is specializing in producing Muslim food such as “Ding Xiang” pastry, Moon Cakes, Chinese and Western Cakes etc. During the year 2007,the company has passed ISO9001, 2000 international management systems and QS food quality and safety certification. State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China has defined it company as “Appointed Supplier for National Minorities’ Specially Needed commodity”, “Baking Industry Association Unit in Shaanxi Province” and “Advanced Unit of Humane Society in Jingyang County”. As a newly established company, Ding Mai develops itself at a rapid and steady pace. At the end of the year 2008, Ding Mai Industrial Estate will be built where modern constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-proof factory buildings will be adopted and advanced manufacturing equipments will be brought in. Ding Mai food product will become the largest professional Muslim food product manufacturer in the local area.Looks for Agents view details
PRC74 - XU QI FOOD CORPORATION ChinaChinaIt carries out strict card-requisition management in every procedure from charge stock to production and sales. It was awarded the Honest Unit to Consumers, Quality Safe Unit and Sanitation Advanced Unit many times in the city, even in the province. Its products are of different kinds and high quality. The Xu Qi team put being a honest person above making products and they consider integrity the most important and insist on choosing high-quality material and making high-quality products especially their traditional product- crystal cake. This cake tastes unique and is very popular to the consumers. Cooperation intents: Look for any cooperation to develop view details
PRC75 - SHAANXI JINGYANG YI KE FOOD COMPANY ChinaChinaAs a provincial high tech agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, our company is specializing in manufacturing, selling and science researching of concentrated apple juice. With a group of experienced tech experts and a contingent of high-caliber management team, we adopt advanced processing technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipments and also advanced detecting instruments in our working progress. Our company has passed a lot of international certifications which include ISO9001:2000?HACCP?KOSHER and SGFCooperative Intention: Promote trade cooperation view details
PRC76 - WEI NAN OILS, CEREALS & NATIVE PRODUCTS IMPORT AND EXPORT CORPORATION ChinaChinaOur company mainly deals with the purchasing, processing, trading, self-running business or acts as agent for the import and export of commodities and technologies, also engages in counter trade and transit trade. Main products: French bean, small red bean, Kudzu root, and pea, etc. Intention for cooperation: Cereals & Oils trade view details
PRC77 - SHAANXI ZHOUZHI CHIANESE GOOSEBERRY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO ChinaChinaShaanxi Zhouzhi Chinese Gooseberry Industrial Development Co., established in 1998, registering capital 1.5 million yuan, is a professional corporation in producing, processing, storing and marketing. Its Chinese gooseberry has already got the “Certificate of Green Food” and also the approval of exporting bases and exportation processing enterprisesTypes of Cooperation being looked for: The selling of fresh Chinese gooseberry; to set up a processing factory with other companies. view details
PRC78 - HUALONG ENTERPRISE GROUP LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ChinaChinaThis group enterprise, a leading enterprise of the industrialization of agriculture, is a share company which mainly focuses on food and also involves a variety of fields such as pharmacy, building materials and printing etcCooperation intention: to build up a powder process line which can annuelly output 10 tons’ powder view details
PRC79 - CHUNHUA HENGXING FRUIT JUICE CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company was founded in March 2004. It is the full capital subsidiary company of Shaanxi Hengxing Fruit Juice Co., Ltd.and produces 5 0,000 tons of concentrated apple juice each year. The products are mainly exported to the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Israel and many other countries and areas The type of partner researched: The sales of juice view details
PRC80 - CHUNHUA COUNTY DAIRY CO., LTD. ChinaChinaChunhua County Dairy Co., Ltd. possesses 5,600,000RMB state-owned capital. The company has a whole set of modern dairy product line and produces 1,000 tons of dairies every year. The main product is degreased milk powderCooperation Intention: Look for products distribution. view details
PRC81 - XIANYANG GOLDEN MONKEY GROUP CO., LTD ChinaChinaIt is established in 2005, covering 50 mou flour space with 480 employees. The three manufacturing shops aim to produce hard candy, cream sugar, and chocolate stuff representatively, which with daily production capacity of up to nearly 30 tons. The output value of 2006 hit more than 34 million RMB and paid nearly 3 million RMB for profit tax. In 2007, it’s almost reached 6 million RMB and paid 10 million profit Cooperation interests: Looks for the partners in researching and developing the beans products deep-processing project view details
PRC82 - YIXIANGYUAN FOOD CO.LTD OF XIANYANG CITY ChinaChinaThe main products include the series of biscuit, oil-tea, and cake. The annual turnover is about 300,000 yuan. The products are mainly sold to Guanzhong, Shanbai, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia province etc. Interested in production and sales. view details
PRC83 - KINGWAY BREWERY (XI’AN)CO.,LTD ChinaChinaKingway Brewery (Xi’an) Com. Ltd. is one of the 8 factories of Kingway Brewery Holdings Com. Ltd., a Hong Kong listed company headquartered in Shenzhen engaged in beer producing and selling. The total investment is 100 million US dollars to build a brewery of 400,000 tons of producing capacity per annum, while the first phrase is 200,000 tons. Built on February 25th, 2006 as the biggest industrial project in Xi’an, Kingway finished building in November of the year, breaking the record of the shortest construction time in the industry. Now the products are selling to the west north of China, including provinces like Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang etcLooks for producing & selling. view details
PRC84 - XIANYANG DICHEN COLOR PRINTING PRODUCTION CO., LTD ChinaChinaThis company is a Sino-Foreign joint venture. It is a color printing production enterprise which combines graphic design, preprint plate making, printing and after-print procession together. It mainly transacts various papery packaging and decoration business, like products packaging, dairy products outer packages, beer boxes, fruit packages etc. Interested in establishing a watermark product line. view details
PRC85 - XIANYANG XINQUAN CO. LTD. (“DUFU” FOOD SUBSIDIARY CORPORATION ChinaChinaIt mainly focuses on business trade, medicine and food. “Dufu” subsidiary corporation develops and produces thick chilli sauce, flavory soya-bean milk, fried chilli and savory crisp pepper with beaf, eight-treasures, chicken, cumin, tomato and many other flavorsCorporation Tendency: Investment & Corporation view details
PRC86 - SHANNXI LINGQIAN FLOUR CO, LTD ChinaChinaThe main product is Bailu brand goat milk powder, which used to win the title of Quality Product of Ministry of Farming Herd Fishery. The current fixed asset of the company is 10.41million yuan and the sales revenue of 2007 was up to 21.98 million yuan.Intention for Cooperation: The production is highly limited by seasons; as a result, the company is severely short of circulating fund during the peak production season. It’s now sincerely looking forward to investment, joint ventures and cooperation. view details
PRC87 - SANYUAN KANGLV FRUIT PROCESSING CO., LTD ChinaChinaBeing located in the place where abounds with apples, the company owns the uniquely fruit sources, including pears, peaches, apricots, kiwi fruits, strawberries and cherries etc. Apples and other fruits are of excellent quality and unique flavor. The annual output of various dried and candied fruits is more than 400 tons, of which products of dried fruits are transited and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East regions. With advanced techniques and fine raw materials, its quality has been approved by customers with great satisfaction. The company follows the managing principle of insisting on openness basing on sincerity, blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit, striving for excellent quality and promoting win-win co operations, which aims to make the enterprise full of vitality and develop at a high speed.Cooperation intention 1. Investing in stocks and distributing dividends in proportion to shares. 2. Those who are interested in buying the ownership of or contracting with the existing equipments and factory buildings are invited to inspect and negotiate with our company view details
PRC88 - SANYUAN BOFA LIGHT INDUSTRY MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO. LTD ChinaChinaSanyuan Bofa Light Industry Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd is invested by Shaanxi Huimin Food Machinery Corporation. The company mainly engages in the production and installation of food machinery, such as, all kinds of drying equipment, drying tower, evaporation equipment, sterilization equipment, filtration equipment and storage devices.Objectives: Dairy products, soybean milk powder, starch and starch sugar, bio-fermentation, chemical engineering, Chinese herbal extracts design, development and technical training view details
PRC89 - SHAANXI JINGYANG SUI PING DAIRY INDUSTRY ChinaChinaOur company was established in the year 1998, covering an area of 2800 square meters with a registered capital of 1000 RMB and 68 employees. Our company is specialized in manufacturing milk powder like whole milk powder, recipe seasoning powder etc. There is one milk production line in our company now. Owning offices, sales department, financial department and laboratory, our company is adopting formal company management nowCooperative Intention: Attracting Investment, Sale view details
PRC90 - TONGGUAN COUNTY MAKOUVILLAGE CANNEDFOOD FACTORY ChinaChinaFounded in 1989, with an occupation of 6 mu and 800’ building area , the factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of fruits and food products with convinient access to water, electricity andtransportationType of cooperation offered: leasehold, purchase, joint ventures and cooperation are all welcome. view details
PRC91 - SHANNXI JINGUO FOOD CO., LTD ChinaChinaShaanxi Jinguo Food Co., Ltd is an agricultural industrialized corporation, which is qualified with foreign trade export. The main activity of this company is to export fruits of Shaanxi. This company has founded “Jinguo Green Food Apple Manufacture Base” with over 2666.6 acres in highly-qualified apple production zone located in Shaanxi Luochuan. The yearly product of fruits for trade is over 30,000 tons. Also in the highly-qualified pear production zone ----Pucheng County, the company has founded “Jinguo Green Food Pear Manufacture Base” with over 5000 acres. Its yearly product of fruits for trade is over 50,000 tons. The company now owns air conditioned storehouse which can store 2,000 tons of fresh fruits and completely closed fruits synthesis processing workshop which occupies an area of 1400?. The company has fruits processing flow line production made in Taiwan. This facility can automatically accomplish cleaning, sterilizing, drying, polishing, waxing, photoelectricity classification and other procedures. During every working day it can process 50 tons of fruitsCooperation Will: cooperate with importers of apples and pears. view details
PRC92 - RUNZHEN INDUSTRIAL ESTATE OF CHUNHUA COUNTY ChinaChinaRunzhen Industrial Estates lies in an advantageous geographical position along the National Road 211, 8 kilometers far away from the county. The whole space planned accounts for 6 km2. So far, 5 million RMB has been invested to complete the first phase of the project for the 1100 meters of Zhenxing West Road and all other auxiliary facilities. Objectives of Cooperation: To make the food processing enterprises and farm and sideline product processing enterprises start their business and get developing in Runzhen town. view details
PRC93 - SHAANXI TONGGUANCOUNTY WANSHENGYUAN PICKLE&CONDIMENTS CO. Ldt ChinaChinaWANSHENGYUAN”,the unique one of TONGGUAN pickle ancient brands,has a long history of 300 years and is the most representative company of TONGGUAN pickle-making industry. Looks for all types of partnership. view details
PRC94 - XIANYUAN FLOUR CO. LTD OF SANYUAN COUNTY ChinaChinaOur company covers 30,148 square meters with the fixed asset as high as 13,310,000RMB. Thanks to its strong technical strength and the strict inspection procedure, the Xin flour series we have produced all these years was once rated excellent by provincial and ministry standards.Desired Cooperation: Looks for deep processing of the wheat powder, food processing,etc. view details
PRC95 - LAOTONGGUAN ERXIAOWAN PICKLE FACTORY ChinaChinaFood processing technologies Looks for partners interested especially in joint venture. view details
PRC96 - SHAANXI ZIQI FOOD CO. LTD. ChinaChinaThis company, with buildings to form garden type and the green coverage over 30%, combines scientific research, production and selling together. The major product is Ziqi moon cake. The golden moon cake and the double-stuffing one are original creation. Products are supervised by Shaanxi Islamic Association and honored as “Chinese Good Cakes” for the last four consecutive years.Types of Cooperation being looked for:to process materials supplied by clients view details
PRC97 - FU PING GREEN GARDEN AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD ChinaChinaThe company has departments with advanced facilities and our major business is production of green fruits and vegetables and promotion of the well-established brand AN SHA. Our company highly value both economics and social benefits.With the adoption of "company+base+household" production mode, our annual sales reaches more than 2,100,000 yuan, improving the welfare of 3500 families Cooperation intention: Fruit and vegetable Planting and Processing view details
PRC98 - CEDAR FLOUR CORPORATION IN FUPING COUNTY ChinaChinaThe company was founded in 1994. It has independent legal person and the capital asserts have reached 30 million yuan. It possesses a production line of graded flour with daily output 300 tons and two modern high-tech reserve vaults with built-up reserve amount 20 million kg. The registered “Cedar Flour” enjoys great fame with the consensus that “Cedar flour makes your meals delicious every day.”Cooperation intents: finish machining of food. view details
PRC99 - XIANYANG SUNNYYALE APPLE PRODUCE CO., LTD. (A SINO-GERMAN JOINT VENTURE) ChinaChinaThis program was launched and financed by both Xi’an Golden Life Food Co., Ltd. and German Sunnyyale, with a gross investment of 43 million RMB, and a 70% share of the stock held by the Chinese party. Since the program was built, the annual output of the dehydrated apple products was enabled to reach the amount of 2000 tons, which would all be exported to European markets. With the export profits of 4.5 million dollars, and the output value of 35 million RMB, the company has made itself the biggest dehydrated apple fabrication plant in China. The volume of the output and the exports ranks the company as the highest in China, and the second in the worldInterested in export and processing of fruits view details
H01 - MISZ ZSUZSANNA EXPORT-IMPORT KFT HungaryItalyFood processing machineries and packaging materials for food industry. Tray sealing machines, plastics and aluminium type of top filmsLooks for representation agreements. view details
H01 - ZOOTECHNIKA Kft. HungaryChinaProducing of machines for food industry, plate pasteurizers, cup fillers, packaging machines. Looks for all type of cooperation view details
H02 - TRIAGRO Kft. HungaryChinaLivestock farming All kind of cooperation view details
H02 - NEW-PROFIPACK LTD HungaryItalyProduction of shrinking tunnels and filling machines for granulate Looks for comanies interested in subcontracting view details
H03 - TATAR PEKSEG Kft. HungaryChinaProduction of frozen pastries goods, especially 3 basic categories: semifinished, frozen traditional bakery products, gastro products, fully baked, frozen confectionary products.Looks for joint ventures and other production agreements. view details
H03 - ZOOTECHNIKA LTD HungaryItalyPackaging, pasteurizing and filling machines Looks for representation and agency agreements. view details
H04 - EUROTRADE & CONSULTING HungaryItalyProduction control of packaging machines Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
H04 - METRO SUSS Kft. HungaryChinaProduction of frozen pastries goods. Looks for all type of cooperation view details
H05 - DETKI KEKSZ LTD HungaryItalyFood processing and whole sales of biscuits, cookies. Looks for companies producing plastics. Particular project: interested to buy plastic bucket with top - material PP; volume 5,6 liter; height 192 mm; quantity requested 50.000 pcs/months. view details
H05 - KOMETA 99 Zrt. HungaryChinaPork processing, meat and processed product sales. Kométa is the second larges pork processing company in Hungary. It processes over 20 000 tons of pork meat to offer a wide range of cooked and matured meat products. Looks for partners interested in distribution or agency agreements. view details
H06 - EUROTRADE & CONSULTING HungaryChinaCommerce and e-commerce of machines for foodindustry and other products; production of milk pasteurizers, cup fillers, washing machines for bottles, CIP for small dairys. Looks for potential interest in their products. view details
H06 ITD HUNGARY ZRT. ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK- HungaryItalyconsulting institution for SMEs Looks for cooperation with other organizations interested to realize common projects. view details
H07 - PALATIN Kft. HungaryChinaMeat processing, meat packaging and product sales. Looks for cooperation with companies producing meat or interested in meat packaging technologies. view details
H08 - VIRAG KOVACS Bt. HungaryChinaMeat processing and trading. Looks for cooperation with companies producing meat and similar products. view details
H09 - FUNKCIO Kft. HungaryChinaMeat processing Looks for cooperation with companies interested in research and development of meat processing technologies. view details
H10 - GERBEAUD GASZTRONOMIA Ldt HungaryChinaPastry manufactury and highly-qualified confectionery production. Looks for cooperation with partners interested in their production. view details
H11 - MIRSA Ldt. HungaryChinaProduction od deep frozen vegetables, fruits and pastry specialities. The excellent, fresh raw materials are purchased from local, neighbouring farmers. Manufacturing and packaging use modern technology and machinery. Concerning packaging the company offers paperbags and cartons for bulk packaging and polyethylene bags from 250 gr up to 2.500 gr for retail packs produced by high capacity packaging machines.The company has a well-equipped laboratory for organoleptic, analytical and microbiological tests, an HACCP system is operating at the plant to guarantee food safety. Products are produced according to the international standards ISO 9001:2000 and EFSIS. Looks for potential partners interested in their production. view details
IT01 - CLEVERTECH srl ItalyChinaThe company is specialized in the field of industrial automation.Their production regards Canmaking, Packaging and Cheese packaging. Looks for comanies interested in agency agreements, joint ventures and plant investiment. view details
IT01 - VEPA SRL ItalyItalyProduction of meet and fish processing machines, in particular meat tenderizers,cutters, hamburgators. Looks for distribution agreements, agency agreements view details
IT02 - SBF Srl ItalyChinaProduction of frozen food in particular italian pasta, sauces, pizza, etc. One of the key characteristics of the company is the high quality of our home-made products, together with innovative production techniques and automatic packaging. The result is a genuine product with homely aspect and superior qualitylooks for cooperation with partners from the target sector interested in joint ventures and plant investiments. view details
IT02 - VERINOX SPA ItalyItalyEngineering, Production and Sales of cooking, smoking and drying plants in stainless steel for all kinds of meat, fish, fruit and vegetable. Particularly: cooking and smoking ovens for medium and large production, drying and smoking chambers, pasteurising continuous plants. Looks for distribution agreements and agency agreements. view details
IT03 - TECNOZOO ItalyChinaNOT CONFIRMED Production of vitamins, minerals, probiotic integrators, special fodder, veterinary specialities and other products, systems and safety services hygienic and of prevention of the pathologies for the wellness of animals. Looks for cooperation with companies interested to improve the breeding system in all its nourishing, sanitary aspects. view details
IT03 -TARTUFI DI ACQUALAGNA - TRIFOLE ItalyItalyProduction and sales of height quality products based on truffles.Looks for distribution agreements and plant investiment. view details
IT04 - CUCCOLINI SRL ItalyItalyFist Italian company producing vibrating sieves. Market leader with over 3500 machines produced each year, the company presents a wide range of products designed especially for screening, refining and removing iron from fluids and powders. The company's machines, vibrating sieves, mills, iron removers and pumps are commercialised worldwide, offering high quality standards and technological innovation.Looks for collaboration with companies interesting in screening and refining powder and liquid. view details
IT04 - SOCIETA' AGRICOLA PEGORARO Sas ItalyChinaNOT CONFIRMED Production of wine - medium/hight quality. Looks for economic operators interested in their products. view details
IT05 - ALMAC SRL ItalyItalyIt is a leading company in the design and construction of machines, plants and automations for the "pasta filata" cheeses industry. The interest of the company, operating in the dairy field since many years, is, since the beginning, aimed to that productive process phase included between milk coagulation until its transformation into cheese, thus manufacturing plants from the cheese vats discharge until the product packing. Looks for companies from diary industry sector interested in machines, plants and automations for the production of pasta filata cheese. view details
IT05 - TECNA Srl ItalyChinaDevelopment and production of test kit for agro-food diagnostic for food and feed contaminants dectection (mainly mycotoxins and veterinary drugs). Looks for reliable companies dealing with instruments, reagents, test kit or other laboratory equipments. They should be able to introduce the products in their markets view details
IT06 - DIPILEG SRL ItalyItalyProduction of polypropylene with incorporated spoon/fork. The colour and shape of the cup and the spoon/fork are chosen by the client.Looks for companies specialized in food packaging and diary products processing (milk-ice cream). view details
IT06 - VIGNETI PIETRO PITTARO ItalyChinaProducing of wine; wine processing technologies. Looks for partners interested in their products. view details
IT07 - LABO-SCIENTIFICA SRL ItalyItalyThe company is well known as distributor of high quality equipment for laboratory food testing, process monitoring, hygiene procedures. It can also provide turn-key laboratory for any food production and full service layout, design, start-up, personnel training and after sales training.Looks for companies producing tomato, fruit concentrate, both canning and aseptic processing, milk diary and diary products, and in general industrial foodstuff, interested in creating or renovating the analytical laboratory. view details
IT07 - ZANICHELLI MECCANICA ItalyChinaDesign, construction and installation of complete processing lines and machineries for food processing and canning. Looks for partners interested in agency agreement. view details
IT08 - BERTOLI Srl ItalyChinaConstruction of homogenigers and high pressure pumps Looks for agency agreements and customers (enduser and O.E.M) in food. view details
IT08 - ISOLTECK CUSINATO SRL ItalyItalyIt is a leading company in the design and construction of machines, plants and automations for the pasta and the new partner extruder for all cereals with or without gluten(corn, rice, millet, beans, lentils). Looks for agency agreements. view details
IT09 - Andrea Vigano ItalyChinaMeat processing technologies Looks for cooperation in food processing technologies. view details
IT09 - TECNA SRL ItalyItalyDevelopment and production of test kit for agro-food diagnostic for food and feed contaminants dectection (mainly mycotoxins and veterinary drugs). Looks for reliable companies dealing with instruments, reagents, test kit or other laboratory equipments. They should be able to introduce the products in their markets. view details
IT10 - BERTOLI SRL ItalyItalyConstruction of homogenigers and high pressure pumps Looks for cooperation with companies from food and beverage sector. view details
IT10 - S.D SALATO DOLCE Snc ItalyChinaProduction of confectionary, cakes, small gastronomy productsLooks for cooperation, know how exchange, etc view details
IT11 - FRIGO JOLLINOX ItalyItalyProduction of plants and equipments in stainless steal for foodstuff (fruit and vegetables processing); specialized in the construction of plants for dairy industry and mini dairy factories, milk refrigerators, vacuum concentrators, sterilizers, pasteurizers, mixers, emulsionzer, cooker, scalder, pass and stone machines.Looks for distribution and agency agreements. view details
IT11 - MAGNABOSCO Srl ItalyChinaDairy equipments, in particular mini dairies and machines for yogurt and fresh milk production. Looks for resellers and dealers working in the sector of food processing technologies or milking machines in particular farming and dairy equipment. view details
IT12 - INOX ITALIA ItalyItalyProduction of made fittings and valves for food and pharmaceuticals industry. Looks for all kind of cooperation related to their production target. view details
IT12 - TECNOGANCI Srl ItalyChinaManufacture of accessories for slaughterhouses, dressed pork and ham factories.Looks for distribution agreements. view details
IT13 - FORBEST MANAGEMENT ItalyChinaConsulting and engineering Looks for production plants for food sector view details
IT13 - MR INOX ItalyItalyMechanical, electromechanical and freezing equipments of stainless steel for alimentary industry as freezing plants(spirals, tunnels or with layers), cooling plants for oven items (bread, cakes), proving plants, closing machines for different foods (also spray) handling plants. Looks for agency and distribution agreements. view details
IT14 - CIDIESSE ENGINEERING ItalyItalyProduction of bucket elevator, conveyor belt, vertical conveyor for box. Research in technological solutions to meet the needs of the following industries: FOOD-PROCESSING, CHEMICALS, PHARMACEUTICAL, AGRICULTURAL, CERAMICS and others. Looks for cooperation with companies well introduced in food packaging sector. view details
IT14 - LESALLARM Srl ItalyChina Looks for producers of solar panels components and other instruments connected to alternative energy view details
IT15 - FAVA SPA ItalyItalyDesign and manifacturing of machinery for the pasta industry. Looks for potential partners interesting in their machineries. view details
IT15 - GRUPPO LESA Srl ItalyChinaProduction of electronic instruments, including alternative energy, telecomunication, reaserch laborartory, etc. Looks for cooperation with producers of components for alternative energy sector. view details
IT16 - PASTICERIA DEI CIGNI ItalyChinaIndustrial products for confectionary sector. Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
IT16 - STALAM SPA ItalyItalyProduction of industrial microwaves, radio frequency machines for the food industry. Looks for distributors of machines for the food industry. view details
IT17 - STUDIO ROLI ItalyChinaSalughtering plant planning and engineering Looks for slaughter houses and companies with experience in meat processing. view details
IT17 - TECHNO ITALY SRL ItalyItalyEngeneering, factory automation and products for ends and can making industries. Engineering and machine making for metal container production destined for food-processing use and general line use; Packaging and palletising technologies for different products; Engineering and installation of food and beverage filling lines; Industrial machinery trading Looks for distribution and agency agreements. view details
IT18 - ABL SRL ItalyItalyThe company is expertise in apple and pear peeling production. The range of equipments has now extended to include a wide choice of technologies for fresh cut produce: orange and kiwi peeler; melon and pineapple peeler and chunker, mango peeler, tomato and potato scooper. Looks for representation and agency agreement. view details
IT18 - AREA CLIMA di Bertelli Carlo ItalyChinaSteam tecnologies for food industry Looks for production agreements. view details
IT19 - AGREX Spa ItalyChinaDesigns,manufactures and sells of: - milling plants processing grain to produce food flours and semolinas - farming equipment as spreaders,hammer mills and mixing mills, cereal dryers. Looks for distributors of milling machineries. view details
IT19 - TECALIT SRL ItalyItalyPasta and cereals processing; the company makes and installs machinery and plants for pasta industry - it's specialized in making feasibility studies, designing the equipments and installing turn key pasta plants.Looks for pasta producers or companies interested in the pasta field in their future plans. view details
IT20 - BOEMA SPA ItalyItalyProduction of machines and plants for fruit and vegetable processing - it has an enologic, a fruit, a vegetables and chestnuts division. Looks for distribution and agency agreements. view details
IT21 - FEEDING INTERNATIONAL GROUP SRL ItalyItalyProduction of bakery plants. Looks for buyers and companies that can promote and sell their plants and products. view details
IT22 - AVE INDUSTRIES SRL ItalyItalyDesign, manufacturing, installation of bottling systems. Looks for cooperation with milk and softdrinks producers. view details
IT23 - CONTENGO DIV. GALVANIN SRL ItalyItalyProduction of packaging for food sector Looks for cooperation with companies interested in packaging solutions. view details
IT24 - LPV CALDAIE SRL ItalyItalyProduction of steam generators, autoclaves of sterilization, fixed and tilting cooking vessels. Looks for companies which supplies lines of production for food products at final customer view details
IT25 - ACRAM SRL ItalyItalyEquipment for milk metering and sampling during collection and intake, automation in wineries. Looks for companies well introduced in dairy and wine sector with commercial stucture and technical service. view details
IT26 - AGROGEST ItalyItalyManufactured according to Eu regulation, modern solution for food sectors from cheese production to bakery product. Looks for salers for food machine/material/agent/final clients view details
IT27 - MEC LAT BREVETTI SNC ItalyItalyDesign and construction of machinery and plants for dairy industry, as fresh milk pasteurizers, packaging systems,yoghurt and cheese. Looks for companies interested in buying equipments for dairy industry and agents willing to represent the company in Asia. view details
IT28 - ZANICHELLI MECCANICA ItalyItalyDesign, construction and installation of complete processing lines and machineries for food processing and canning. Looks for marketing and agency agreements. view details
IT29 - METRO INTERNATIONAL ItalyItalyComplete lines to process fruits in order to produce: puree and semi-finished products, nectar and juice, jam, marmalade, etc. Complete line to process tomatoes. Lines to process organic raw material, evaporators, aseptic systems. Looks for agents. view details
IT30 - CASEARTECNICA BARTOLI SRL ItalyItalyThe company produces machineries for food and dairy industries and is specialised in fixtures to produce, to process and to cut Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano and other hard and semi-hard cheeses. Looks for joint ventures, products, agency agreements. view details
IT31 - ING. A. ROSSI IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI SRL ItalyItalyThe company is specialized in the designing and development of plants for food industry. Looks for all type of cooperation. view details
IT32 - BAGS SNACKS SRL ItalyItalyConstruction of industrial plants for the production of snacks. The acquired know how in this sector allowed the company's engineers to prepare avant garde frying and baking plants suitable for pellets. Looks for technology and machinery transfer, distribution agreements and plant investment. view details
IT33 - FLY CAFFE’ di De Marchi & C sas ItalyItalyProduction of caffee machinery. Looks for distribution agreements. view details
IT34 - MILK PROJECT FOOD ENGINEERING SRL ItalyItalyDesign and manufacture of complete plants for dairy sector - specialized in production lines for fresh, soft, hard and semihard cheeses. Looks for cooperation with dairies comanys which produce dairy products. view details
IT35 - STUDIO ROLI ItalyItalySalughtering plant planning and engineering Looks for slaughter houses and companies with experience in meat processing. view details
IT36 - TECNOZOO ItalyItalyProduction of vitamin, mineral, auxinic, probiotic integrators, special fodder, prefabricated veterinary medicines, veterinary specialities. Looks for cooperation with companies interested to improve the breeding system in all its nourishing, sanitary etc. view details
IT37 - STUDIO CASTELVETRI ItalyItalyThe company operates in the field microbiology and preservation of foods, and microbiological + chemical-physical controls of food ingredients and finished products. Looks for: 1. food processing companies that need to optimize the process, create new products 2. processing of fresh vegetables. view details
IT38 - FRIGO INDUSTRIALI MONTRUCOLI ItalyItalyPlanning and construction of plants for the maintenance of the agricultural and alimentary products, including slaughtering plant planning Looks for all type of cooperation. view details
IT39 - ANDREA VIGANO ItalyItalyMeat processing technologie Looks for cooperation in food processing technologies. view details
IT40 - S.D. SALATO DOLCE SNC ItalyItalyProduction of confectionary, cakes, small gastronomy products. Looks for cooperation, know how exchange, etc. view details
IT41 - OFFICINA MECCANICA FERRARONI & C SNC ItalyItalyDesign and construction of plant and machinery for small and medium sized food industries. Lifting and tilting equipment built to customer specifications. Screw conveyors against specific requests. Belt conveyors against specific requests. Vacuum massager (Zangole) for hams, bacon, shoulders, Prague ham (including bone), dry salting of cured neck of pork, cured raw beef, bacon. Depilators and scalders. Limited capacity butchering plant for pork and beef. Rails. Sizes and technical specifications supplied on the basis of the request. Looks for distribution and agency agreements. view details
IT42 - RIZZATO INOX ItalyItalyProduction of stainless steel fittings and valves for food, sweet, winery, dairy and chemical-pharmaceutical industry. Looks for companies producing wine tanks etc. view details
IT43 - OCM RECANZONE SRL ItalyItalyConstruction of strip doors, curtain etc. using to divide food and pharmaceutical areas. Looks for meat, fish and milk processing companies interested in their technology. view details
IT44 - TORCHIANI IMPIANTI SRL ItalyItalyOEM company, manufacturing water treatment plant and with the division TISEP, food fluids process treatment plants adopting membrane technolohy - Dairy industry - milk, cheese whey, cheese rennet, ricotta whey, brine treatment (purification, concentration, recovery). - Olive oil industry - Food wastewater treatment/water purification and refuse Looks for agents, distributors and end user in food fluids-dairy, wine, olive oil and water industry. view details
IT45 - INOX MECCANICA SRL ItalyItalyTechnology for the food processing industryCooperation with companies working in meat and fish processing industry. view details
IT46 - ITALPAST ItalyItalyTechnology and machines for pasta production. Looks for distribution and agency agreements. view details
IT47 - FORNERIA ARENA ItalyItalyProduction of Backed Products Looks for parnership with companies from the target sector. view details
IT48 - MAGNABOSCO SRL ItalyItalyDairy equipments, in particular mini dairies and machines for yogurt and fresh milk production. Looks for resellers and dealers working in the sector of food processing technologies or milking machines in particular farming and dairy equipment. view details
IT49 - FORBEST MANAGEMENT ItalyItalyConsulting and engineering Looks for production plants for food sector. view details
IT50 - TECNOGANCI SRL ItalyItalyManufacture of accessories for slaughterhouses, dressed pork and ham factories. Looks for distribution agreements. view details
IT51 - DAL PRETE ENGINEERING SRL ItalyItalyEngineering and construction of Water treatment equipments.Looks for companies for distibution agreements. view details
IT52 - L.P.S. SRL ItalyItalyImport and export of food, packaging and rendering technologies. Looks for all kind of cooperation. view details
IT53 - MGB SRL ItalyItalyWater treatment machineriesLooks for joint ventures. view details
IT54 - BG INOX ENGINEERING ItalyItalyEngineering and costruction of food technology and machineries Looks for joint ventures. view details
MNG01 - DARKHAN DEEJIS CO., LTD MongoliaItalyProduction of bakery food. Looks for cooperation in technology transfer machineries, joint ventures, plant investment. view details
MNG01 - DELGER UUL Co.Ltd MongoliaChinaPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMED Fruit and vegetable planting and processing. Looks for technology and know how, machineries and plant investiment. view details
MNG02 - ARTSOO DELGEREH Co. Ltd MongoliaChinaPARTECIPATION NOT CONFIRMED Milk processing, cheese and yogurt processing and packaging. Looks for technology-know how, machineries,plant investiment and joint ventures. In particular they search for cooperating with European cheese producers of casein. view details
MNG02 - ERDENET KHAAN SUU CO. LTD MongoliaItalyProduction of milk, ice cream and yogurt. Request of technology transfer, machineries, joint venture agreements and plant investment view details
MNG03 - MONSUU Co.LTD MongoliaItalyPARTECIPATION NOT CONFIRMEDRequest of technology transfer, machineries, joint ventures and plant investment agreements. view details
MNG03 - NAINGI Co. Ltd MongoliaChinaMilk and diary processing Looks for technology-know how, machineries. view details
MNG04 - DELGERTES Co. Ldt MongoliaChinaMilk and diary processing. Looks for technlogy-know how,distribution agreements view details
MNG04 -KHANGAIN KHUNS CO. LTD MongoliaItalyMeat processing. Request of technology transfer, machineries, joint ventures agreements, plant investment. view details
MNG05 - EGEL DALBIGA Co. Ltd MongoliaChinaPlanting and processing of white button mushroom. Looks for partners to establish joint ventures of Agaricus bisporus (kind of mushroom they plant). view details
MNG05 - MAKH IMPEX HKU CO., LTD MongoliaItalyMeat and meat products processing Production and distribution; Engineering; Services;Looks for technology transfer, machineries, joint ventures and plant investiment. view details
MNG06 - OB CAPITAL FOOD CO. LTD MongoliaItalySnack food processing Looks for transfer of Know-How, machineries, distribution, machineries, licenses and patent, plant investment. view details
MNG06 - GURVAN NERTEI KHORSHOO COOPERATIVE MongoliaChinaMilk and diary processing. Looks for the equipment for cheese process liquid cheese. view details
MNG07 - DORNYN GOBI CO., LTD MongoliaItalyMeat and meat processing; Production and export. Looks for transfer of Know How and machineries. view details
MNG07 - Ikh Khalbagant Co. Ldt MongoliaChinaPARTICIPATION NOT CONFIRMED Milk and diary processing: milk, yogurt and production of female camels'milk. Looks for technologies, machineries and joint ventures. view details
MNG08 - GOVIIN UNDUR Co. Ldt. MongoliaChinaProduction of vodka, wine and camel milk. Looking for the producer of yogurt packaging equipment. view details
MNG08 - MONGOL KHEVLEL CO. LTD MongoliaItalyManufacturing multi purpose plastic bags and labels: import, export, consulting and services. Food packaging, specially pre-pared foods such as dumplings, noodles, ice cream, vegetables, spices. Looks for technology transfer, machineries, joint ventures, licences and patent. view details
MNG09 - SELENGE SHIM COMPANY MongoliaItalyMilk powder production; Bakery products. Looks for technology transfer, machineries, distribution agreements, joint ventures, production agreements, plant investiment view details
MNG09 - TENGER CCO. LDT. MongoliaChinaProduction and distribution of meat Looks for technology transfer, machineries, joint ventures, plant investiment. view details
MNG10 - OIN TUGUL MongoliaChinaProcessing of corns and soya. Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
MNG10 - SIMPLOT MONGOLIA Co. LTD MongoliaItalyProduction of safety food products, produced with only first rate quality raw materials. Looks for technology, know how, plant investment. view details
MNG11 - OD-KR COOPERATIVE MongoliaChinaVegetables growing and processing Looks for small and medium sized equipment. Looks for technology transfer, machineries, plant investiment and joint ventures. view details
MNG12 - GOVIIN ORGIL COOPERATIVE MongoliaChinaProcessing of jogurt, icecream and other dairy products - (cow, sheep and goat farm) Looks for machineries and plant investiments. view details
MNG13 - SAMO Co. Ldt MongoliaChinaProduction of vodka, wine, camel milk. Looks technology transfer, machineries,joint ventures and plant investiment. In particular the company is searching machineries for packaging. view details
MNG14 - BIO ECO PRODUCT AND FOOD DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL MongoliaChinaPromotion of eco products and product development Interested in finding cooperation partners. view details
MNG15 - ETALON MongoliaChinaFruit and vegetables processingLooks for technology transfer, distribution agreements, agency agreements, joint ventures and plant investiment. view details
MNG16 - BORCH AND Co. Ltd MongoliaChinaMeat processing. Looks for joint ventures view details
SLO01 - PRJ HALO SloveniaItalyWine processing. Looks for joint ventures and common projects. view details
SLO01 - KOGAST Grosuplje d.d SloveniaChinaEngineering of catering equipment incl. sales of turn-key kitchens; production of professional kitchens. Looks for companies producing equipments for professional kitchens. Required: raw materials - stainless steel sheets view details
SLO02 - FRANK PROIZVODNJA STROJEV SloveniaChinaEngineering and production of machines and equipment for food industry, especially slaughtering fowls and processing poultry. Production of transport system and transporters. Looks for transfer of technology and know-how, machineries and establishment of production agreements. view details
SLO02 - NIEROS METAL D.O.O. SloveniaItalyManufacturing of stainless products for food industry (meat and milk processing), pharmaceutical industry and other industries. The company produces sewage elements, washing machines, lifters, manipulators, hygiene equipment, milk coolers, special purpose equipment and machines (ham presses, containers for food, forklifts). Looks for several types of business cooperation, especially they are interested in transfer of know how, establishment of production agreements and plant investiment. view details
SLO03 - DAG D.O.O. KOPER SloveniaItalyDesign and manufacturing of injection moulds for packaging production. Looks for comanies interested in the production of tool manifacturing for packaging production. view details
SLO03 - ROBOTIKA Kogler d.o.o. SloveniaChinaProduction of equipment for automation of packaging process, logistics and washing machines. Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
SLO04 - FONDA.SI d.o.o. SloveniaItalyFish farming, manufacturing, trade and services. Looks for know how exchange and distribution agreements. view details
SLO04 - KOVINOX d.o.o SloveniaChinaCellarman's equipment production. Wine making equipment and technology. Looks for all types of cooperation. view details
SLO05 - INTER GASTRO d.o.o SloveniaChinaMarketing, production, servicing of food processing machines and equipment: pasta making machines (especially for production of pasta for soup) and butchers'equipment. The company is interested in finding suppliers of machinery and equipment for production of pasta (especially for production of pasta for soups, noodles) mixers for paste, mixers for producing meet products (mixing of meet ingredients). It is also interested in finding producers that would produce machinery and equipment based on technology projects of the company. it is looking to subcontract the production activity. view details
SLO05 - PENSITO d.o.o. SloveniaItalyProdiction of plastic equipments and floathing sea fish farms. Looks for technology transfer and trade partners. view details
SLO06 - AGS GASTRO SISTEMI d.o.o. SloveniaChinaEngineering and production of professional kitchen equipment - equipments for restaurants, hotels schools; manufactures of cookers and cooker hoods; metal washing sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Looks to establish cooperation with producers of professional kitchen equipments:it is offering to act as distributor and is interested to purchase machines and equipment of foreigner producers. view details
SLO06 - IDEA EXPERTIZE, CENITVE BOJAN TOMC S.P. SloveniaItalyBusiness consulting services, property valuation, industrial property rights;trademarks registration, valuer for machines, equipment, Looks for companies interested in consulting services and joint ventures establishment view details
SLO07 - ETA zivilska industrija d.d SloveniaChinaPARTECIPATION NOT CONFIRMED Processing and preservation of vegetables and fruit: pickled vegetable and delicacies (in vinegar and brine), grilled vegetables and dried tomatoes in sunflower oil, tomato products, ready-made dishes(stews, soups, meals with beef), marmalades, jams, compotes, syrups, beans, rice, frozen vegetables and fruits, vegetables spread, vinegars and aromas. Looks for distributors and/or agents. view details
SLO07 - POMURJE BUSINESS INCUBATOR NETWORK SloveniaItalyProviding assistance to SMEs through consulting and coaching services, introduction and implementation of innovation process into business, representing companies from several sectors. R&R project implementation, spin-off potential, market niches. view details
SLO08 - INSITUTE FOR FOOD SAFETY AND CONSUMER’S HELATH PROTECTION ZAZA SloveniaItalyR&D of specialised food products with added value, R&D of food processing technologies, food processing - education, Food safety - education, counseling and training. Looks for technology, production agreements, distribution agreements. view details
SLO08 - LIPNIK d.o.o SloveniaChinaProduction of breweries and brewery equipment for smaller breweries (yearly production capacity from 500 to 20000 hl of beer). Products are made using the most up-to-date technology: rust-resistant materials, microcomputer-controlled brewing and fermentation processes and low energy consumption. Looks for smaller beer producers interested in acquiring technology and know how. view details
SLO09 - K.M.K. BOX d.o.o SloveniaChinaProduction of packaging from corrugated polypropylene, supply of overall solutions for internal handling in manufacturing process and production of special packaging: for industry (transport packaging for internal transport, product components, protection inserts, dividers), agriculture (packaging for vegetables and fruit, protection for fruit) packaging for the meat processing sector, etc. ooks for several types of cooperation: is offering products, technology and know how trasfer, production cooperation, and is looking for suppliers of products, machineries and to establish a joint ventures. view details
SLO10 - MOTVOZ D.D GROSUPLJE SloveniaChinaProduction and distribution of flexible packaging: polypropylene and polyethylene articles for the industry and agriculture. Looks for several type of cooperation. view details
SLO11 - NEPLAST MIREN SloveniaChinaDistribution of picnic and party products. Food packaging. The company is looking for products - food packaging and would like to establish distribution agreements. view details
VN01 - HOANG KHANG FOOD PROCESSING - COMMERCIAL Co.LTD VietnamItalyProduction, trade processing and packaging of food & foodstuff, milk and cereal powder. Food processing technologies. Establishing contacts for purchasing a milk and cereal powder processing machine chian and a diary processing processing machine. view details
VN01 - VIET DUC IM-EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY VietnamChinaProduction, processing, trading and import-export of agricultural products, foods and foodstuff products. Looks for technology transfer, distribution agreements, joint ventures, production agreements. view details
VN02 - DAI THANG Co.LTD VietnamItalyProduction of confectionary and beverage Import of confectionary machines and equipments Looks for cooperation in Food processing technologies. Machines, equipments and tecnology for confectionary sector. view details
VN02 - VIETNAM PLANT OIL AND FOOD PROCESSING COMPANY VietnamChinaCultivation and develop GAC (fruit from heaven) in Vietnam; Processing of GAC products; Looks for machineries, distribution agreements, agency agreements, joint ventures, production agreemnts, plant investiment. view details
VN03 - MEDIA TOUR COMPANY VietnamChinaDoing business with agricultural and foodstuff products; Tourism and communication services. Looks for technology trasfer, machineries, distribution agreements, joint ventures, plant investiment. view details
VN03 - THANH LONG Co. LTD VietnamItalyProduction and trade of confectionary. Confectionary production:seeking partners for joint ventures with the investiment of their machines, equipments and technology transfer. view details
VN04 - VINH KHANG PRIVATE ENTERPRISE VietnamItalyProduction and distribution of fish sauces and seaproducts. Distribution, agency agreements, joint venture. Particular project: seeking to import a fish sauce bottling off machine chain. view details
VN04 - VINH NGA Co.Ltd. VietnamChinaMilk and dairy processing; Trading with milk and dairy products. Looks for type of cooperations. view details
VN05 - INTERNATIONAL FAIR AND TRADE JOINT STOCK COMPANY (INFACO) VietnamItalyOrganization of trade fair & Exhibition. Production and distribution of purified water, functional food and tea processing. Request for tecnology/know how, machineries, licenses and Patent. Seeking to import machines for production of purified water, filtered bag tea, instant tea and functional food in the form of tablets, capsules and film-coated tablets. view details
VN05 - NGUYEN HAI CHUNG PRIVATE ENTERPRISE VietnamChinaProcessing of functional food and traditional medicine products. Looks for technology transfer, machineries and joint ventures. view details
VN06 - BAKHA FAIR EXHIBITION Co. LTD VietnamItalyProduction of feed food. Organization of Trade Fair & Exibition.Request of technology transfer, machineries, joint ventures, licences and patent. Specific project: seeking to import a machine chian for production of fruit juice view details
VN06 - THANH HANG PRODUCTION & TRADING Co. Ltd. VietnamChinaProduction of purified drinking water and consumer's goods. looks for technology tranfer, machineries, distribution agreements, joint ventures, production agreements. view details
VN07 - HOUNG NAM PRODUCTION, TRADE & SERVICE CO.LDT VietnamItalyFood & Foodstuff production and processing Production of pork pies, sausages, cold meat, sweet cakes and ice cream.Request of technology tranfer, machineries, distribution agreements, agency agreements. Specific project: seeking to import machines for meat grind, meat cram and meatball and the relative technolgy. view details
VN07 - TO VINH QUOC PROVATE ENTERPRISE VietnamChinaProduction and trading of sausages and cakes. Looks for technology transfer, machineries, distribution agreements, agency agreements, joint ventures and production agreements. view details
VN08 - DAI THANG Co. Ltd VietnamChinaProduction of confectionery and beverage; import of confectionery machines and equipments. Looks for joint ventures, technology transfer, machineries, licenses and patent, plant investiment. view details
VN08 - VIETNAM FOODS CORPORATION (VIETFOODS CORP) VietnamItalyProduction of food & foodstuff, istant tea, confectionary and gracilaria agar. Import and export of consumer goods. Search to import machines and equipements for confectionary and their relative technolgy transfer. view details
VN09 - PHU CUONG FOODS PROCESSING Co. Ltd. VietnamChinaProduction and trading of instant noodles, soup powder, soft drinks and sauce, etc. Looks for technology transfer, distribution agreements, plant investiment, joint ventures, machineries. view details
VN09 - TON PHAT CROCODILE Co. LTD VietnamItalyProduction of foodstuff products from crocodile's meat and their distribution to the supermarkets. Technolgy tranfer, machineries, distribution agreements, agency agreements, joint ventures, licences and patent, plant investiment Particular project - seeking to import meat processing machine chain. view details
VN10 - THANH HA JOINT STOCK COMPANY VietnamItalyProduction, processing and export of agricultural, aquatic and seafood products. Production of biofertilizer. Machineries, agency agreements, joint ventures, plant investiment. Particular project: seeking to import a machine for packaging of water solution, a drier machine for fruit and seafood, a bottling off machine and a centrifuge machine(capacity 200 litter), installed software with control centre. view details
VN10 - VIETNAM FOODS CORPORATION VietnamChinaProduction of food & foodstuff, istant tea, confectionary and gracilaria agar. Import and export of consumer goods. Search to import machines and equipements for confectionary and their relative technolgy transfer. view details



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